05 July 2007

Keep trying to stop smoking

It is very difficult to stop smoking. But millions of people have quitted. Most smokers that want to quit try and fail at least five times before succeeding. Many smokers fail countless times before quitting. Former heroin addicts say that stopping smoking was more difficult than quitting heroin. May be it's just be overstatement, but no one doubts that quitting smoking is very tough and has frustrated many good people. Many smokers have failed repeatedly. Some even were coming to believe that tobacco addiction was stronger than they are and it would never be possible to quit. Fortunately, it is wrong position.

The evidence of harmful health effects is so overwhelming that now days no one would risk to claim that smoking was not addictive and harmful to health. The tobacco companies used that argument for years to decline the responsibility. Studies have shown that each time you try to quit, the chances of success increases. Success rates at the first attempt at quitting may only be 5% or less but the success rate at the fifth serious attempt approaches 50%. So the message of this story is quite clear, keep trying, keep trying, and you will be able to stop. Do not let your past failures keep you from trying again. Instead, do your homework, come back, and win this time.