26 July 2007

Pay me and I will smoke a cigarette or even a pack

A cigarette or even a even a packIf you gonna ask someone a quit smoking advice you probably will get the same answer you can find everywhere. It sounds like: "Don't even think that one cigarette will not hurt you, it will". In other words, many people think that if person, (ex-smoker or someone trying to get rid of addiction) is going to smoke one cigarette, he almost certainly will go back to his pack a day addiction. This thought is right and wrong simultaneously.

Why is it right choice to avoid smoking "just one" cigarette? Just because most of ex-smokers think that one cigarette is enough to get all their quitting smoking symptoms aka withdrawal symptoms back. So, ex-smoker prefers to come back to his usual addiction, than to fight against addiction another time. Also, if you think that you are able to smoke one cigarette, you most likely will think that it is possible to smoke another after an hour from the first one. So, if you add another 18 cigarettes you will find a pack being empty and yourself addicted.

Why is it possible to smoke one cigarette or even a pack and then again to be free from addiction? Maybe you think that it's impossible for ex-smoker to smoke a cigarette or a whole pack and stay free from addiction. I want to say that it's possible, but depends on your way of quitting smoking. If the main part of your quitting was willpower and your decision to quit, probably you would have hard times after even one cigarette.

Why do I believe that I am personally able to smoke a cigarette or even a pack and don't start smoking again after this? I finally quitted more than 1 year ago and I tried to quit several times before. So, I failed five or more times before quit smoking with no going back. There were times when I smoked one cigarette, went back to addiction; when I smoked some cigarettes at the party being drunk, and then didn't smoke for months.

This quitting smoking story was time-consuming, but one day I understood one simple thing. I did not need smoking because it neither helped me nor supported me in my life in no manner. Since that moment, I am free. I do not need cigarettes, but I can smoke one or even a pack without any consequences. I mean that I will get nicotine, tar or even a cough next morning, but I will never go back to nicotine addiction routine. I don't need this anymore. So, I do not have any reason to smoke, except the one, when you pay me for this.

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