10 July 2007

Quit Smoking Experiment

Some quit smoking drugs, as quit smoking patches or other quit smoking aids may reduce some withdrawal symptoms, but you need resolution to quit smoking for good anyway.

Lets' conduct an experiment:

Do not smoke for day or two, as long as you can; without intention to quit; it is better to do on weekend or any other spare time. Then smoke again to find out that the first cigarette after this experiment will have dreadful taste. Try to do it; it makes sense only when you take a test by yourself.

After this experiment you will know for sure that you do not like smoking, as all smokers try to think, but you just do not want to suffer from nicotine addiction, so you feed it every time you start suffer from it. Instead of this routine, you are able to quit smoking - you are able to get rid of addiction and be free from addiction as millions of ex-smokers do.

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