02 July 2007

Quit smoking weight loss

The best action you can take to improve your health is to quit smoking neither you are worried about gaining weight or not. Most people worry about gaining weight while quitting smoking, but some easy changes in your life, like developing healthier eating and physical activity habits, will help you to control your weight gain when you quit smoking.

If you are concerned about weight gain, remove high fat foods from your home. Try to gradually improve your eating habits. Choose a variety of foods each day, to make sure you get all needed for good health. Eat plenty of grain products, vegetables, and fruits. Choose lean foods and low-calorie beverages most often. Choose low fat dairy products, lean meats, fish, poultry, and dry beans to get the nutrients you need without extra calories and fat. Choose less often foods high in fat and sugars and low in nutrients.

Because quitting smoking slows the metabolism, getting some form of daily exercise is very important. Becoming physically active is a healthy way to control your weight and take your mind off smoking. Exercise also increases your energy, promotes self-confidence, improves your health, and may help relieve the stress and depression caused by the lack of nicotine in your body. Simple ways to become more physically active include gardening, housework, mowing the lawn, playing actively with children, and taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

The health risks of smoking are far greater than the risks of gaining 5 to 10 pounds. You would have to gain about 100 to 150 pounds after quitting to make your health risks as high as when you smoked. At least 25% of all former smokers so fear weight gain they actually lose weight once they have quit! In addition, former smokers enjoy rush of energy and become more physically involved in their daily course of living. This spending of energy results in the burning off of more calories daily ... which then contributes to weight loss … NOT weight gain!


Anonymous said...

Weight gain was the main factor of preventing me from stopping smoking. Nonetheless, I stopped, albeit briefly. Within the first three weeks I had gained 10 pounds, even though I had been extremely vigilant regarding my food intake (very low fat, low calorie) and I attended the gym a minimum of 4 times per week. My GP described me as 'one of the unlucky ones'... Needless to say I began smoking again. Any suggestions to help me stop and prevent quick/high weight gain? Thanks.

Quit Smoking Pro said...

Maybe for you 10 pounds was a payment for previous nicotine addiction. Fear of weight gain prevent you from smoking free life, so it seems that fear control your life.

What I want to recommend you - quit smoking and get another 10 pounds or even 15/20 pounds. Fell yourself free in these levels of weight gain.

After some time work hard to lose this weight. And, please, don't be scared to attend the gym every day or find out some information about starvation diet (nestitherapy).

laughingrose said...

I have the hat, the T-shirt and the lollypop from the smoke free- weight gain theme park (lol).After trying to quit smoking over the years; I was always drawn back to smoking when my backside got larger than the United States. However, this time I am smoke free and have the body of my teen years back. What did it for me? After turning into the biggest hide-and-go-smoke smoker, it was not just my health that caused me to say enough is enough! I was tired of being embarrassed about smoking. I live in Los Angeles where smokers are considered less than human and I was tired of being judged as weak and undisciplined. I decided that I would quit smoking, BUT this time pay close attention to what I ate and how much exercise I did. This has been, hands down, the hardest thing I have ever accomplished. I almost had to barricade myself in my house to avoid snapping at everyone I met. That reaction promoted me to get help from a doctor. I did have to get on medication to achieve this goal, but it was well worth it. I hope this helps you out =)

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