27 August 2007

Quit Smoking Without Gaining Weight

Quit Smoking Without Gaining WeightEven if you do gain weight when you quit smoking, the health risks of smoking are far greater… you would have to gain over 150 pounds to make your health risks as high as when you smoked. Weight gain is more likely when someone has smoked for 10 to 20 years or smokes a pack or more a day. Water retention may cause a deceptive weight gain of up to 5 pounds in the week after quitting smoking, but this is not a real weight gain, and your body will go back to normal.

The most important components of preventing weight gain when you quit smoking are:

- Physical activity

Becoming physically active will not only help you control your weight, but will also give you more energy, improve your health, take your mind off smoking, and help relieve the stress and moodiness that may occur as a result of withdrawal from nicotine.

- Healthy eating

Improving your eating habits gradually can help prevent weight gain, as well, as help you feel better as you quit smoking. To prevent extra snacking because of quitting smoking, do not try to quit smoking during a stressful period.

- Managing cravings

A craving only lasts about 5 minutes. If you can distract yourself for 5 minutes, the craving will usually pass. Drink less caffeine; although you may think it will make you feel better, caffeine can worsen the jittery nervous feeling that may accompany nicotine withdrawal. Get enough sleep; when you are tired, you are more likely to crave cigarettes and food. Reduce tension by meditating, taking a walk or a bath, or taking deep breaths. Get support and encouragement; talk to a friend when you get the urge to smoke; talk about something other than smoking.

- Positive attitude

As you focus on quitting, smoking and healing your body, your exercise and eating goals will become easier. When you quit smoking, you can breathe and get around more easily, and nutritious foods such as fruits and vegetables taste better when you are not smoking. Try to stay positive, and try not to panic about modest weight gain; if you do gain weight, your healthy habits will help you lose the weight once your body gets back to normal. Be confident that you are making a healthy choice! Your whole body will thank you!

22 August 2007

If you want to change your life, change your mind

change your mindThe path to quitting smoking involves changing how you feel about quitting. Intellectually, you can rationalize that you need to quit until you are blue in the face, but until your emotions engage, and you begin to feel better about quitting than you do about smoking, you are not going to get anywhere. Think of mental conditioning as the vehicle that will lead you to creating solid commitment. People often think that smoking is enjoyable... comforting... even like a best friend. They also relate quitting to feelings of pain and misery. Often these feelings exist and are reinforced on a subconscious level.

Begin to take note of every thought, feeling and statement that you make about smoking and quitting. Look at how you feel physically too... tension, headaches, tight stomach, etc and how the things you think/say affect how you feel. Work with the thoughts that do not serve your best interests. Do it as soon as they crop up. Change the language and even if you do not believe what you’re saying, restructure the thought in terms that will help you. You may not really believe what you are saying at first, but if you determine to stick with that change of focus, you'll teach yourself to believe it when you manage the event successfully.

21 August 2007

UK cigarette sales drop by seven per cent

UK cigarette sales drop by seven per centCigarette sales have fallen by almost 7% in the UK since the smoking ban came into force. Smokers bought 6.9% fewer cigarettes in the four weeks to July 28 than in the same period last year. Anti-smoking campaigners last night welcomed the latest figures, which reflect similar steep falls in cigarette purchases when the ban was introduced in Ireland in 2004 and Scotland last year. Amanda Sandford, from anti-tobacco campaigners ASH, said: "As expected, smokers appear to be cutting back on the number of cigarettes they smoke. We also expect many will use the smoking ban as a trigger to help them quit altogether."

Greater health awareness has seen tobacco sales in Britain decline in the past few years, with cigarette consumption falling by two per cent annually. But the new figures indicate a much steeper fall since smoking was banned in all public places on July 1.

Around 10 million British adults smoke - about a quarter of the population - and between them they are expected to consume up to 50 billion cigarettes this year. Every year, around 114,000 smokers in the UK die from smoking related causes.

14 August 2007

Quitting Smoking is an Opportunity to Change your Lifestyle

You can treat the challenge of quitting smoking as an opportunity to make changes in your lifestyle. For example, cutting down on caffeine should be a part of your new healthy lifestyle. There is no need to remove caffeine completely, but it is critical to avoid it. Nicotine withdrawal can cause insomnia and you shouldn't stimulate yourself with too much caffeine.

While quitting smoking, your body will go into withdrawal, which is a bunch of problems you have to overcome. So, it's a good idea to take at least a week or two off your regular routine to make the changes. Making changes to your lifestyle and eating habits is a big challenge, and requires a certain level of commitment.

Healthy eating is also very important for the health. Eat plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits and cut down on fatty meats and foods high in saturated fats like fast food and desserts. Eating good-quality food can help eliminate toxins from the body faster, which makes it easier to overcome your nicotine addiction. You will find that eating healthier and living healthier makes it easier to quit smoking.

A regular exercise is an essential part of healthy living. If you have not exercised previously, build up to it slowly. Rather than starting on a two-mile run every morning, begin by going for long walks. As your power increases and your health improves you can add more dynamic activities to your everyday life.

It is important to find natural ways to relax, because one of the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal is irritability. Many people are tempted to smoke when exposed to stressful situations. Brisk walk can help you clear your mind and overcome the desire for nicotine. In addition, you should learn relaxation techniques like deep breathing.

All of these techniques are extremely helpful in overcoming the cigarette habit but they are also useful for maintaining good health. Make them part of your regular lifestyle and you will feel better, look better, and have a healthier outlook on life.

11 August 2007

What do you think about stopping smoking?

The most important thing, to remember about stopping smoking is that all that matters is what you think about stopping smoking. The act of smoking does not matter. What matters is what you think about smoking and stopping smoking. Do you think stopping smoking is going to be difficult? Do you think that you like smoking and it relaxes you? Do you think that you're addicted to nicotine? If you answered yes to any, or all of these questions then guess what? Stopping smoking is going to be very difficult for you.

To overcome all the problems normally associated with stopping smoking like weight gain, cravings, short-temper, hunger and discomfort, you should stop telling yourself that stopping is going to be difficult. Stopping smoking is totally about what you think about stopping smoking. It is as simple as that. There is a quote that sums the whole thing up. "Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change." Change the way you look at stopping smoking, and the act of smoking will changed. It is as simple as that.

03 August 2007

Benefits From Quitting. Is it for real?

Benefits From Quitting. Is it for real?Maybe you've heard that benefits of quitting smoking are incredible. Perhaps this is not true. Anyone who stopped smoking some days ago most likely will tell you that there are several withdrawal symptoms like headache, uncontrolled irritation, insomnia, etc. On the other hand, ex-smokers, who stopped month ago will tell you that it's great to be free from addiction; it's great not to think where are your cigarettes and lighters and control that there is enough cigarettes in pack to feed the addiction this evening. However, these points are look like deliverance from discomfort, not like benefits.

So, ex-smokers, who stopped smoking more than month ago probably will not be able to name direct benefits they got from quitting smoking. Of course, they know that quitting smoking has great impact on their health; that they have fewer chances to have lung cancer or COPD. They know that they don't stink anymore and that their teeth are going to be whiter than white each day. But for them all these benefits appears to be normal, because they are free and are going to get all profits from being free from addiction.

Sometimes ex-smokers failed to remember freedom they got from addiction some months after quitting. They feel themselves defrauded from all the quitting smoking process. They think that they should get more from quitting. Something like unprecedented power or fantastic health. Instead, they get normal life with all its unpredictability and problems. In addition, most of ex-smokers get some pounds added to their weight. So, ex-smokers need to have the courage to resolve other problems life add us everyday. Some ex-smokers start to believe that their life with smoking addiction was better than nowadays. These thoughts are direct way to relapse and return to smoking routine as an alternative to real resolution of their problems.

So, when you are going to quit smoking or quit smoking some time ago already, it's better to get ready for normal life with problems and especially some weight problems. You should know that after complex smoking cessation process, you will not get fantastic benefits, but you will be free from addiction and have more chances to make your life brighter and happier. And, undoubtedly, quitting smoking challenge will strengthen you.