03 August 2007

Benefits From Quitting. Is it for real?

Benefits From Quitting. Is it for real?Maybe you've heard that benefits of quitting smoking are incredible. Perhaps this is not true. Anyone who stopped smoking some days ago most likely will tell you that there are several withdrawal symptoms like headache, uncontrolled irritation, insomnia, etc. On the other hand, ex-smokers, who stopped month ago will tell you that it's great to be free from addiction; it's great not to think where are your cigarettes and lighters and control that there is enough cigarettes in pack to feed the addiction this evening. However, these points are look like deliverance from discomfort, not like benefits.

So, ex-smokers, who stopped smoking more than month ago probably will not be able to name direct benefits they got from quitting smoking. Of course, they know that quitting smoking has great impact on their health; that they have fewer chances to have lung cancer or COPD. They know that they don't stink anymore and that their teeth are going to be whiter than white each day. But for them all these benefits appears to be normal, because they are free and are going to get all profits from being free from addiction.

Sometimes ex-smokers failed to remember freedom they got from addiction some months after quitting. They feel themselves defrauded from all the quitting smoking process. They think that they should get more from quitting. Something like unprecedented power or fantastic health. Instead, they get normal life with all its unpredictability and problems. In addition, most of ex-smokers get some pounds added to their weight. So, ex-smokers need to have the courage to resolve other problems life add us everyday. Some ex-smokers start to believe that their life with smoking addiction was better than nowadays. These thoughts are direct way to relapse and return to smoking routine as an alternative to real resolution of their problems.

So, when you are going to quit smoking or quit smoking some time ago already, it's better to get ready for normal life with problems and especially some weight problems. You should know that after complex smoking cessation process, you will not get fantastic benefits, but you will be free from addiction and have more chances to make your life brighter and happier. And, undoubtedly, quitting smoking challenge will strengthen you.

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This is a nice piece. However, and I am assuming that English is not your first language, it would have been better to get someone who is good at English to check it first

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