22 August 2007

If you want to change your life, change your mind

change your mindThe path to quitting smoking involves changing how you feel about quitting. Intellectually, you can rationalize that you need to quit until you are blue in the face, but until your emotions engage, and you begin to feel better about quitting than you do about smoking, you are not going to get anywhere. Think of mental conditioning as the vehicle that will lead you to creating solid commitment. People often think that smoking is enjoyable... comforting... even like a best friend. They also relate quitting to feelings of pain and misery. Often these feelings exist and are reinforced on a subconscious level.

Begin to take note of every thought, feeling and statement that you make about smoking and quitting. Look at how you feel physically too... tension, headaches, tight stomach, etc and how the things you think/say affect how you feel. Work with the thoughts that do not serve your best interests. Do it as soon as they crop up. Change the language and even if you do not believe what you’re saying, restructure the thought in terms that will help you. You may not really believe what you are saying at first, but if you determine to stick with that change of focus, you'll teach yourself to believe it when you manage the event successfully.

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