08 September 2007

Make sure your children know about dangers of nicotine addiction

Make sure your children know about dangers of nicotine addictionParents should help children understand that smoking is addictive, dangerous and deadly. Parents have more influence on children than anyone else, so let them know how serious the addiction to nicotine is and educate them about the risks associated with smoking. Help your kids develop a healthy self-image. If they feel confident and sure of themselves, they’ll be better able to resist social pressure to smoke.

Kids get addicted to cigarettes a lot quicker than adults. Children who have smoked only a few cigarettes experience the same symptoms of nicotine addiction as adults, who smoke heavily. A young cigarette smoker can begin to feel powerful desires for nicotine within two days of first inhaling, and about half of children, who become addicted report symptoms of dependence by the time they are smoking only seven cigarettes a month. Many kids are smoking by the time they are 11 years old, and are addicted by the age of 14.

Encourage your children to avoid picking up that first cigarette. Remember! Your input is important. Help your child build a foundation that will keep them smoke free for life. Let them know early and let them know often that smoking is addictive and deadly. Set them up for a healthy life by educating them young about the dangers of smoking.

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