29 October 2007

Make Your Own List of Reasons to Quit Smoking

List of Reasons to Quit SmokingThere are many reasons to quit – from saving money to improved health. Cigarettes are priced anywhere from $4 to over $6 per pack. So if you smoke one pack a day, and quit, that easily converts to a savings of over $2,000 a year. You have fresher breath, whiter teeth, and unstained fingers. You will be sick less often, heal faster, and within 24 hours after quitting chance of a heart attack will be reduced.

But from these common quit smoking reasons you should move to more personals reasons that will motivate you further. If you are serious about quitting smoking, you should make your personal list of the reasons. Why do you want to quit smoking? Was it fear of a smoking-related disease? Or maybe it is hate to smoker's cough that is a signal of lung damage. Do you like the smell of your clothes? Do you want the nicotine dependency make you feel weak and helpless for the rest of your life? Put some reasons on your own list right now, and it wouldn't take a long time to add other reasons later as well.

By focusing your thoughts on your own personal reasons for quitting, you are laying the foundation for successful smoking cessation. It all starts in your mind, and once you get your thoughts moving in the right direction, taking action will come more easily. It's like a snowball rolling downhill. Concentrate your thoughts onto that sheet of paper, and you will begin to gain positive power. Once you start that process, you'll be amazed how fast you will be able to change your life for the better. Make your list!

23 October 2007

Hypnotherapy For Smoking Cessation

Hypnotherapy For Smoking CessationSome smokers may be more likely to quit smoking with hypnotherapy than using other smoking cessation methods. For these smokers one hypnotherapy session is more likely to help than nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) alone or quitting "cold turkey".

When you say, "Quitting is so hard, I just can't imagine I will ever be able to stop", you are asking you body to crave a cigarette. Instead, you should close your eyes, relax, and imagine yourself in a future when you no longer a smoker. Make it as real as you can, adding in a visual experience as well as the sounds, the smells, the emotions, etc.

Spend time in your fantasy future, take a trip on your future time line to a time when you have completely forgotten about smoking, and then let yourself look back on the time line and remember how easy it was for you to stop. Now, let yourself really feel the freedom you have. Feel that you no longer are owned by cigarettes, that your thoughts are your own, that you are free to choose what you want to do and where you want to go, without cigarettes coming into your thoughts. Spend lots of time here in the future, and let your mind take these future resources with you to your present day.

Any time you think you want a cigarette, stop, and remind yourself that the urge will be gone in a moment. Do not say you won't want a cigarette, or you won't want to smoke. Use words like satisfied and comfortable that describe the way you want to feel. Drink a big glass of water. Take three very deep slow breaths. Close your eyes, tell yourself that when you exhale on the third deep breath you will feel completely satisfied, and tell your brain to access a new feeling. It is possible that even with these simple self-hypnosis sessions, water, and oxygen, your positive future image of being a nonsmoker will become your present. Also welcome to use links to some great hypnosis products available on the market at the left.

16 October 2007

Quitting and Quitting, Again and Again

Quitting and Quitting, Again and AgainIf you gonna look into today news about quitting smoking you will find many articles. One will tell you "If you're thinking of quitting smoking, perhaps your mobile phone can help you..." It's about new mobile phone application that will nag you about quitting smoking just as you are about to go on a cigarette break. This application uses the information filled by you in an online questionnaire about your smoking habits and sending an SMS text message at the times you're most like to get the urge to go on a fag break.

In other news article you are able to know that there is new software photo tool that morphs your photo into what you will look like in 10, 20, 30 plus years. Moreover, it ages the picture as a smoker and as a non-smoker. The results for smokers would be upsetting. The smoker picture showed more lines and more discoloration along the cheek line and jaw area.

In the third article, you can even find the words: "if smokers cannot quit, safer nicotine products must be made available as alternatives." Maybe it is important to read all these news and know that there are some "safer nicotine products", but there is an opinion that it's not required or even can be detrimental to your desire to stop smoking, because it's not good for you to think about quitting smoking.

You should modify quitting smoking aspiration into more positive goals. Try to think how nice it would be to live without mandatory cigarette after meal, coffee or sex, without everyday nicotine painful duties. Think about your plans that you will realize with more strength, because you are going to stop losing your power smoking those stinking cigarettes. Start planning your life not only as smoking free, but also as healthy, bright and vivid adventure, smoker or non-smoker will feel envious looking at.

08 October 2007

Do Not Even Try to Quit Smoking

Do Not Even Try to Quit SmokingAre you trying to quit smoking, but fail every time? Well, most probably you fixated on the idea of quitting smoking. Maybe you are thinking about quitting smoking all the time. These thoughts slowly change to the idea to smoke another cigarette, and after some time, one more. You think that it is impossible to break down this order. This chain seems to be as firm as steel chain.

It is impossible to quit smoking, really. If you think that it's just a question of willpower, you probably will fail in every attempt to quit smoking. If you think that you stand upon the idea to quit smoking, you most likely will not succeed. When you are talking about quitting smoking, it seems that you are talking about losing some part of your life. If you tell your friends that you are going to quit smoking, almost all of them will certainly doubt that your attempt will be successful. And in all probability, they are going to be right.

The meaning of phrase "quit smoking" is doubtful. If you have slept for 8 hours, you definitely quit smoking 8 hours ago. If you have seen movie in cinema you quit smoking 2 hours ago. What is the difference between these people and those ones, who stopped smoking 1 month ago, or even 1 year ago? There are many examples when people return to smoking after long abstention from it. These people do not quit smoking; they just did not smoke for some time.

Do you think that it is possible to quit smoking? You haven't stopped to read this article yet, so you think that it is possible to quit smoking somehow. You hope that author of this article will tell you some magic and easy ways to quit smoking that will help you to quit smoking fast and pain-free. No, it will not happen. Most of smokers will go through negative experience during smoking cessation process. Nicotine addiction is strong, and there is no way to relieve you of responsibility for your past decision to be nicotine addict. It is impossible to forget taste of your "favorite" cigarettes. You will remember this taste even when you will be 100 years old and it will be no problem for you to light up and smoke a cigarette.

Do you want to know how you can live without cigarettes and without nicotine addiction? To begin with, stop thinking about quitting smoking. Accent your intentions on a healthy lifestyle, your life goals, and the joy of life. Life will return favor to you without fail. If you do not smoke for some time, please, enjoy you smokeless life, enjoy fragrance of flowers, feel your own quality perfume, be glad that your family is free from secondhand smoke. You should feel more power, enjoy more spare time, more money and use these resources better than before.

You should know what you will do during a coffee break, when you will have knotty problem, or find yourself in stress situation. The best way to deal with this kind of problems is positive thinking. Just say: "I am happy and successful person, I solved my nicotine addiction problem and I am going to solve this new problem without cigarettes too".

If you are grateful for the opportunity to continue your life without harmful smoke, if you are happy every new day, and can do something for this positive perception of the world, you will never return to hopeless routine of everyday smoking. Think positively, feel joy of life, live without smoke.

04 October 2007

Power Your Mind To Stop Smoking

If you smoke, your mind has been programmed by repetition. This programming can be undone easily and effortlessly through the power of hypnosis. Every day THOUSANDS of people stop smoking permanantly thanks to hypnosis. NOW IT'S YOUR TURN!

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