08 October 2007

Do Not Even Try to Quit Smoking

Do Not Even Try to Quit SmokingAre you trying to quit smoking, but fail every time? Well, most probably you fixated on the idea of quitting smoking. Maybe you are thinking about quitting smoking all the time. These thoughts slowly change to the idea to smoke another cigarette, and after some time, one more. You think that it is impossible to break down this order. This chain seems to be as firm as steel chain.

It is impossible to quit smoking, really. If you think that it's just a question of willpower, you probably will fail in every attempt to quit smoking. If you think that you stand upon the idea to quit smoking, you most likely will not succeed. When you are talking about quitting smoking, it seems that you are talking about losing some part of your life. If you tell your friends that you are going to quit smoking, almost all of them will certainly doubt that your attempt will be successful. And in all probability, they are going to be right.

The meaning of phrase "quit smoking" is doubtful. If you have slept for 8 hours, you definitely quit smoking 8 hours ago. If you have seen movie in cinema you quit smoking 2 hours ago. What is the difference between these people and those ones, who stopped smoking 1 month ago, or even 1 year ago? There are many examples when people return to smoking after long abstention from it. These people do not quit smoking; they just did not smoke for some time.

Do you think that it is possible to quit smoking? You haven't stopped to read this article yet, so you think that it is possible to quit smoking somehow. You hope that author of this article will tell you some magic and easy ways to quit smoking that will help you to quit smoking fast and pain-free. No, it will not happen. Most of smokers will go through negative experience during smoking cessation process. Nicotine addiction is strong, and there is no way to relieve you of responsibility for your past decision to be nicotine addict. It is impossible to forget taste of your "favorite" cigarettes. You will remember this taste even when you will be 100 years old and it will be no problem for you to light up and smoke a cigarette.

Do you want to know how you can live without cigarettes and without nicotine addiction? To begin with, stop thinking about quitting smoking. Accent your intentions on a healthy lifestyle, your life goals, and the joy of life. Life will return favor to you without fail. If you do not smoke for some time, please, enjoy you smokeless life, enjoy fragrance of flowers, feel your own quality perfume, be glad that your family is free from secondhand smoke. You should feel more power, enjoy more spare time, more money and use these resources better than before.

You should know what you will do during a coffee break, when you will have knotty problem, or find yourself in stress situation. The best way to deal with this kind of problems is positive thinking. Just say: "I am happy and successful person, I solved my nicotine addiction problem and I am going to solve this new problem without cigarettes too".

If you are grateful for the opportunity to continue your life without harmful smoke, if you are happy every new day, and can do something for this positive perception of the world, you will never return to hopeless routine of everyday smoking. Think positively, feel joy of life, live without smoke.


Jo said...

Great post, it's like you've read my mind. I am fixated with stoppingat the moment, need to get my head in the right place.

darkman said...

Sorry mate, but I quit nearly 2 years ago and have no desire for another one.

Want to know what finally gave me the mindset to quit?

I'll tell you anyway, smokers smoke, to feel like a non-smoker.

What? You say? It is true and I'll tell you why.

Non-smokers do not smoke and because of that, they do not crave ciggies. Smokers on the other hand, smoke, because they crave cigarettes.

So smokers smoke to stop the craving and to feel like a non smoker as non-smokers do not crave cigarettes.

So you are smoking, to feel like a non-smoker.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree. I only quit when I changed what I did during my day, not when I simply stopped smoking and sat around more. You've got to replace the fun you have smoking with other enjoyable things.

Also, don't use "I'll have more money!" as a reason to quit; you'll end up spending it on smokes. Instead, spend all the money you would've spent on anything you desire; just make sure it's buying you some fun. It'll work much better.

Quitting isn't about punishing yourself for smoking; it's about rewarding yourself with a new, healthy lifestyle!

Anonymous said...

Is this author an ex-smoker? I smoked for 10 years, and now have been clean for 13 months, and I disagree with everything in this article.

First of all, you must want to quit. I'm not using the word want freely here, you really need to WANT to quit and put up with all the crap that comes along with that decision.

You MUST think about quitting. If you don't think about it, constantly even, how can you be successful?

Yes, you'll feel like you lost a part of yourself. Don't shrug it off, it's a powerful emotion and you WILL feel sad, lonely, depressed, empty. It's all part of the psychological addition.

You're going to feel lousy, you're going to need tons of willpower, and it doesn't come quickly. After 6 months you'll still want one every day.

But the benefits that come with quitting are amazing. I've saved tons of money, I have tons more stamina now, and I don't feel sickly in the morning. Best of all, I did it with nothing more than a water bottle, gum (not nicotine gum either), and willpower.

You can do it!

carol said...

Thanks...best advice I've heard. It's true that when I want to lose a few pounds, I think thin and I eat thin. Why didn't I realize that if I think like a non smoker I'll become one. Instead I've been putting off that last cigarette for years. Thanks again...new view...feels right...I won't have to quite if I don't smoke any more...

Anonymous said...

I quit cold turkey on August 24, 2006. I think everyone has a method that will work for them so I don't know if my success can be duplicated by anyone else. All I can say for sure is this:

I tried many times to quit smoking. I failed all of those times except for this last one. I think to be successful you HAVE to want to quit. Everyone says that but it's true. The first times I quit I didn't really want to. I thought I SHOULD quit but I wasn't yet sick of smoking so I didn't really WANT to quit.

I had to get to a point where I actually mad at myself for smoking.

I looked at how expensive smokes were: $100 per month to kill myself. I looked at how little I spent on health insurance: $30 a month to heal myself.

I was spending more money to die than I was to live.

I could use an extra $100 a month nowadays. That's a few tanks of gas. That's many good meals. That's a couple of great weekend nights on the town.

Did you know if you put $100 per month into investments you could retire a millionaire? Wouldn't that be more fun than not being able to breathe when you finally get to retire?

I tell you what, it sure is nice to be able to climb the stairs to my apartment without having to stop for a cigarette. It sure is nice to not have brown stains on my walls, furniture, and fingers. It sure is nice to be able to smell and taste food in ways I've never done before. It sure is nice not to have to stand outside in the Texas sun to take a smoke break at work, or stand out in the cold in the winter. It sure is nice not to have burn holes in my bed sheets, pants, and shirts.

It sure is not to smell like a smoker. Smokers smell terrible. Bet you didn't know that because you can't smell anything but smokers smell absolutely terrible. You can almost smell the death from within. Did you ever drop a cigarette into a glass of water or beer overnight at a party and smell it the next day when you were cleaning up? That's what smoker's smell like to non-smokers. Pretty unattractive, eh? Your insides are moist retainers and you're just dropping butts in there day and night for years. Your tongue is white, your teeth are brown, and your lungs are black.

Get out there and quit!

Jason said...

Seriously retard post. Impossible to quit smoking, right. Good use of semantics, you'd make a fine Scientologist.

Anonymous said...

With all the nicotine addicts dying every day from cigarette smoking, you think they'd make it illegal like marijuana. But has anyone (that you know of) ever died from marijuana? Do you think your local hospital has anyone in there for marijuana use?
I didn't think so.

| /. peace

Anonymous said...

I must in the minority. I have been able to quit on will power alone. I have been smoke free for over 4 years now. It can be done.

Anonymous said...

I can't seem to see the difference between "you just need willpower" and "you just need to think positively", the crux being that there is some silver bullet to success. Quitting is hard because life is hard and we need coping mechanisms, smoking unfortunately produces a feedback loop, in that regard. Zealotry and people that buy into lifestyle choices as soultions are infinitely more intolerable to me, even smoke-free for 8 years.

Anonymous said...

you're only right about one thing, it's impossible to quit smoking with that defeatist mentality.... i quit smoking in april of 2006, never picked up a grit again... and cigarettes don't bother me now, almost all of my friends suck on cigarettes around me, my mind healed, its all over, the cravings are ancient history, the first few weeks were really tough, everyone at work was smoking, everyone in traffic was smoking, when im watching a movie they're smokin it up on screen havin a great time.... but after those first few weeks, it started feeling good.... once u make it passed those first 72 dreadful hours... then you're at the point of no return.... that's the torture... but then it's over, i mean yea you will definitely still recieve occasional cravings over the next few months... but only once or twice a week, at that point you say "look at this, i feel great and im successful, i've destroyed my nicotine addiction.... i've quit smoking" - if you can get passed those first 3 days, you will be set free

MinecraftandCODbro said...

lol i smoke so much, im not addicted though, lol i smoke like 2 packs a week, i steal from my moms purse, and get some homeless guy to buy them for me ... lol its all in your head im 12 and ive been smoking 4 a month,, im not addicted lol

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