16 October 2007

Quitting and Quitting, Again and Again

Quitting and Quitting, Again and AgainIf you gonna look into today news about quitting smoking you will find many articles. One will tell you "If you're thinking of quitting smoking, perhaps your mobile phone can help you..." It's about new mobile phone application that will nag you about quitting smoking just as you are about to go on a cigarette break. This application uses the information filled by you in an online questionnaire about your smoking habits and sending an SMS text message at the times you're most like to get the urge to go on a fag break.

In other news article you are able to know that there is new software photo tool that morphs your photo into what you will look like in 10, 20, 30 plus years. Moreover, it ages the picture as a smoker and as a non-smoker. The results for smokers would be upsetting. The smoker picture showed more lines and more discoloration along the cheek line and jaw area.

In the third article, you can even find the words: "if smokers cannot quit, safer nicotine products must be made available as alternatives." Maybe it is important to read all these news and know that there are some "safer nicotine products", but there is an opinion that it's not required or even can be detrimental to your desire to stop smoking, because it's not good for you to think about quitting smoking.

You should modify quitting smoking aspiration into more positive goals. Try to think how nice it would be to live without mandatory cigarette after meal, coffee or sex, without everyday nicotine painful duties. Think about your plans that you will realize with more strength, because you are going to stop losing your power smoking those stinking cigarettes. Start planning your life not only as smoking free, but also as healthy, bright and vivid adventure, smoker or non-smoker will feel envious looking at.

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