12 November 2007

A Good Night's Sleep Rewards

A Good Night's Sleep Rewards
People who say they sleep like a baby usually don't have one.

Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise!

Those people, who smoke a pack a day have problems falling asleep and when they do, it not as deep. Also, the ones who go through withdrawal symptoms are going to have some problems with night's sleep. If you are having difficulties getting to sleep at night, try a few of these advices to ease your discomforts.

Here is couple of things you should avoid to enhance your chances of getting a great sleep.

- Try drinking less coffee, make your cups weaker. Caffeine can take about six hours to leave your system and, without nicotine, your body absorbs much more of this stimulant, which can make you restless, and irritable. Even one cup of coffee in the morning can affect sleep quality hours later. Women tend to metabolize caffeine much slower than men.

- Try not go for thinking, planning, worrying before your night's sleep. It will have your brain whirring. Try to relax your mind, and keep work and money problems outside your bedroom. Remember, that irritability, depression, and anxiety are closely connected to the physical action of nicotine leaving your body and will lessen over one to three weeks.

And even more tips that will help you sleep:

- A warm bath to calm your body. This is one of easiest ways to relax and distress.

- Make sure you turn the television and computer off an hour before you going to bed. This gives time to prepare yourself for sleep.

- Keep a regular sleep schedule. While it may feel good to get a bit of sleep in during the day, if you are suffering from insomnia, you need to skip the naps. Try to get up earlier; it will help you shift your internal clock so that you’re sleepy come bedtime.

- Relaxing before bedtime, which is the best way to get to sleep, tries a progressive muscle relaxation technique. Exchange a back and/or foot massage with your partner before bed. Listen to some soothing music or some sounds of nature.

- Get some exercise. Exercising regularly can help you sleep. Even a short 15-minute walk will help. But make sure you complete your exercise a few hours before going to bed.

- Create a peaceful sleeping environment. Embrace the darkness. Lower the temperature of the bedroom before sleep. Comfortably cool temperature makes the body ready for sleep. Make your bedroom as comfortable as possible.

- Things that you do for good health are essential and will directly improve your quality of sleep. Having a regular exercise, eating a healthy diet such as fruits, vegetables may help to improve your quality of sleep.

Night's sleep is perhaps one of the most underrated aspects of healthy lifestyle. People who suffer from insomnia are experience reduced concentration, are more likely to make mistakes and have a slower reaction time. Sleep gives the brain time to organize data in its memory, repair damaged cells, tissue, muscles and give the cardiovascular system a break. Sleep helps bring more energy, and help you to look younger and improve your appearance. Remember, the physical withdrawal phase of quitting tobacco is a temporary condition. Your sleep patterns will return to normal soon. Good night! Sleep tight!

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