30 November 2007

What does Smoking Really Mean to You?

What does Smoking Really Mean to You?All smokers have a mental wall between smoking habit and the severe reality of the damage from every cigarette smoked. Lie allows smokers to light up with some level of comfort. And because smoking is usually a slow killer, those lies support the structure of wall of denial for years and years.

With the lapse of time, most smokers find that the wall begins to fall down, and bit by bit, smoking becomes a terrible, anxious activity. They find themselves feeling miserable, weak and desperate. At that instant, most smokers start seriously thinking about how they might find a way to quit smoking for good.

A crucial step in the recovery process from nicotine addiction involves breaking through that wall of denial to put smoking in the correct light. Nicotine addiction is in smoker's thoughts and feelings that control smoker. Smokers think of cigarettes as a part of their lives or even as a friend.

How smokers can change the meaning of something that has become so firmly attached to their lives? Smokers need to learn to see cigarettes not as the friend or buddy they cannot live without, but as the horrific killers they truly are. Control your thoughts and shape your attitude to addiction in right way and corrections in thinking will have desired effect.

If you never change the relationship you have with cigarettes, the chains of addiction will continue to hold you tight. Change the way you think and you can free yourself in an instant. But, remember, quitting smoking is not a race. Take the time to clear the addiction you have to your cigarettes, and you won’t be overwhelmed with thoughts of smoking in the years to come.

If you are thinking that it is time to quit smoking, or just need some motivation to keep going, educate yourself about nicotine addiction. Though most smokers avoided reading information about smoking cessation, education about nicotine addiction is powerful. It will remove the blinders, teach you what to expect as you go through the smoking cessation process, and most importantly, education will help you begin to change what smoking means to you.

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Kourtney said...

i know what people feel about smoking!!! i am a 18 year old still in high school. i got cought with smokes and chew on me and got a three day suspention which sucks. i also might have to pay a fine or have to do research on what smoking can do to me.

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