08 December 2007

Easy to Understand, But Hard to Use

Easy to Understand, But Hard to Use
In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.

Do you want to know a little secret that will help you to quit? Of course, you do. However, you already know it. To quit smoking successfully you should want to quit smoking more than to keep smoking. If you think that you sincerely want to quit, but are not able to, you are mistaken, truly!

If you try to list your reasons to quit smoking, it will be obvious health reasons probably. Of course, you, like most people don't want to get lung cancer, a heart attack or a stroke, and like the idea to live long enough to see your grandchildren grow up. These reasons are good reasons to quit smoking, certainly, but they will not help you quit smoking, just because they deal with probable variants of your future, not your present-day life.

Sure, you might get lung cancer, you might have a heart attack or a stroke, you might die young and miss out on seeing your grandchildren grow up, but you might not! You are not likely to break a strong nicotine addiction based on what might happen. Your mind will work hard to assure you that it will not happen to you!

So, you should list more reasons that important for you right now. For instance, you can list health problems that you are already experiencing. Your list should indicate things in your life that you are truly unhappy about and are strongly motivated to change. In order to stop your nicotine addiction, you need new thoughts and desires as weapons to be stronger than your cravings to smoke!

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Anonymous said...

Today I am 1 month smoke free! It is true you need the desire to quit, if you do not want it then it won't happen. I have tried quitting many times this year, some times lasting a day, and other times only lasting a few hours. I truly want to be a non smoker this time, although it is extremely hard some days. My advice, prepare to quit and do it cold turkey. I have tried the patch, gum, everything, even hypnosis and nothing has worked! This time I am using pure willpower, you just need to be strong! Do not even have a single puff or you will have to start over again, and most likely you will not try to quit again until a few months later. So do not give up and do not give in!!!

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