19 December 2007

Mind Sync Quit Smoking Audio Technology

Mind Sync Quit Smoking Audio TechnologyRythmic sounds can change the way that we feel. Buddhist monks use drums and chimes to help them maintain deep meditative states. Our brains appear to have four distinct bands of activity:

- Beta - Altertness / focus / clear thinking (13-40 HZ)
- Alpha - Relaxation / visualization / creativity (7-12 HZ)
- Theta - Meditation / intuition / memory (4-7 HZ)
- Delta - Detached awareness / healing / sleep (0-4 HZ)

Each state can be generated by listening to specially designed computer generated audio. 4.5 beats/second tends for example to generate theta brain waves. Our minds appear to automatically synchronise with the audio signal remarkably easily. The direct suggestions within the hypnotherapy audio greatly increase the relaxation effect of the underlying Mind Sync audio. There has been considerable research into these effects and these approaches should not be viewed as being in any sense esoteric.

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