10 December 2007

Save your Legs, Lungs and Entire Life

Save your Legs, Lungs and Entire LifeSmoking is deadly addiction. Cigarette smoking is a proven reason of extremely unpleasant health conditions and the most well known are heart attack, lung cancer, and emphysema. But smokers should know that heavy smoking causes reduced blood supply to the leg muscles and as a result leg pains and increased risk of clots in legs. Clots are able to travel to the lung and create blockages - or pulmonary embolisms - that stop the supply of oxygen to the heart.

Smoking is a major risk factor for peripheral vascular disease. This disease is a narrowing of blood vessels that carry blood to the leg and arm muscles. This can lead to such severe narrowing that the limb becomes starved of blood and is damaged severely, sometimes requiring amputation. So, if you are smoker, set your quit day, ask for your friends and family support, and save your money, limbs, lungs and entire life!

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