21 December 2007

Smoke Less to Quit Smoking Easy

Smoke Less to Quit Smoking EasyIn the study, funded by the US National Cancer Institute, 20 healthy adult smokers smoked their usual brand for a week and then followed six weeks of smoking cigarettes with progressively decreased nicotine content. One fourth of the smokers quit smoking completely while the study was in progress. The rest return to their usual commercial cigarette brand, at the end of this period. However, when tested one month later, they were smoking about 40 per cent fewer cigarettes a day, with a comparable reduction in nicotine intake. So, this new research on reduced-nicotine content cigarettes strongly counters the idea that reducing the nicotine content of cigarettes would lead to smoking more cigarettes.

Therefore, tobacco products with the reduction of the nicotine yields make cigarettes less harmful. But other study revealed that low tar, low nicotine cigarettes impair blood flow through the heart as severely as regular cigarettes. Scientists say cigarettes marketed as low-nicotine do not work because they have high nicotine content and are "engineered" - made with highly porous paper and have ventilation holes above the filter - to deliver more nicotine when the smoker takes more frequent and bigger puffs.

There is easy way to reduce smoker's nicotine intake. If you are thinking about quitting smoking, try to smoke smaller quantity of cigarettes until your final one and you will be rewarded for your efforts. This reduction will minimize cigarette cravings and withdrawal symptoms during smoking cessation process. It is safe to say that smoking cessation process starts, when you initiate changes like decreasing amount of smoked cigarettes in your everyday smoking routine.

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