26 April 2007

Better quality future without smoking

From the beginning nicotine acts as a stimulant, which is stimulating the mind, body, and spirit. When the body becomes accustomed with high levels of nicotine, smoker needs larger doses of nicotine to get physiological effect. Body becomes habituated and requires the use of the nicotine to help the body to function normally. This level of dependency is known as a nicotine addiction.

Nicotine addiction taught you that you are weak. Smoking is a way to weaken yourself. It is harmful behavior that tends to leak to all areas of your life. For example, the direction of social influence can discourage smokers: cultural disapproval of smoking in some communities, the expectation of non-smoking that has become the norm in professional groups, or the effects of smoke-free policies in workplaces.

Smoking is a social ritual for many people, shared with family, friends or co-workers. But in the same time, nicotine is a very powerful drug that affects mood, focus and thinking. Smokers are nicotine addicts and that's why smokers often feel they need a cigarette to feel right or to think clearly. Nicotine addiction does that to a person.

Smoking is one of the worst things you can do to your body. Smoker gets bad breath; yellow teeth; smelly clothes; dehydrated cough; empty wallet, and maybe you've heard that smoking and tobacco use can cause cancer and heart disease. Some day every smoker understands that smoking had become excruciating and decide to quit smoking. It is right decision, and once you quit smoking, positive changes start to happen... Smoke free life will give you a lot more energy, better performance, more money in your pocket, and, in the long run, better quality of your life.

23 April 2007

Got Relapse? You are in Quitting Smoking process!

Relapse. Relapse is, return to smoking on a regular basis. Now don’t start feeling depressed, because relapse is an ordinary factor in quitting smoking process. Moreover, all those, who quit smoking have experienced relapse one or scores of times. That's why it doesn't mean that you have "FAILED". There is a positive side to everything what you only need is an eye to see it. When you relapse, you learn a lot about what works for you and what you should do to avoid what doesn’t. Think about why you relapsed, and plan how to be successful the next time. Do not wait for long before you try to quit again.

Relapse always starts in mind. If you still think that smoking is pleasurable, you are in trouble. Listen to your thoughts. Correct those that are destructive right away. There is no other way to stay smoke free. We all have the ability to make changes in our state of mind to get the lasting freedom from nicotine addiction. People who miss smoking years later have not let go of the associations they had with their habit, and usually think of smoking in a romantic light. They might even tell themselves that quitting was a sacrifice. They quit smoking because they needed to, but they loved smoking. That kind of faulty thinking will keep the chains of addiction in place. Thoughts hold them addicted even now. They still are not free from addiction.

Keep yourself in the present moments of today, and be grateful for every smoke free day you complete. Be patient with yourself and think of time as one of your quit buddies. The more of it you put between yourself and that last cigarette you smoked, the stronger you will become. The benefits of cessation are far more important than the hardship of recovery! Stay with it and find your freedom. Once you do, you'll never let it go.

20 April 2007

Quitting smoking mountain

There is wonderful story published at quit smoking about com portal some days ago. It titled as "Lesly's 3 Year Smoke Free Milestone". A year ago, there was a post about her two Year Milestone and one more year is over, and it seems that it was nice smoking-free year for Lesly. She wrote about her friend, who told her: "You think you love to smoke and you think it is so important to your happiness, but when you quit (and I know you will), you will find out that all that happiness associated with smoking is a lie. It is a cheap carnival trick. It is nothing more than smoke and mirrors."

Lesly write: "He was right! Quitting is hard – it takes effort, determination and commitment, but it can be done. You need to be brutally honest with yourself, though, and you cannot quit by continuing to smoke. You have to stop! I took my first step three years ago today, and I have never regretted it."

It seems that anyone, who gave up smoking feel the pride, the feeling of empowerment, self worth and freedom and these feelings are of the same kind as happiness! It is amazing how your whole outlook on life changes when you quit smoking. Your self-esteem gets so much better and you want to take those feelings and do other healthier things for yourself. Those, who have quitted have more patience, more empathy and peace within. Life works well without cigarettes, and freedom from nicotine addiction is a gift beyond compare!

Quitting can seem like a mountain. It is possible though, and you can quit just as surely as anyone else can. It all starts with that first step of making the commitment to quit, and taking action. From there, learning to live your life free of the addiction you've been chained to for so many years is just a day-by-day process. Do not let smoking waste any more of your precious life. Quit now and get this journey underway! You will not regret it.

13 April 2007

Kill your false thoughts

When you decide to stop smoking, you feel so bad with every puff. With every puff you feel miserable. But you should know that once you will be truly free of this nasty addiction, you won’t ever have to feel this bad again, and, you'll never going back because nobody do ever want to be a slave to this trash again.

Educate yourself about smoking addiction issues to change the way you think and feel about smoking. The truth of it is that if you work with yourself enough, your thoughts will lead you to a new set of beliefs, and from there, you can really quit smoking and there will be no need to keep smoking or come back to this addiction.

Smokers subconsciously think that smoking is enjoyable, pleasurable, comforting, and even helpful. And, in the same time, they also relate quitting to feelings of pain and depression. You should kill all this type thoughts and feelings and make a statement for yourself about your real position to smoking and quitting smoking.

But, please, be patient with yourself and learn a new way of thinking that will assist you in your desire to be free from addiction gradually. You should get your way of thinking in accordance with your intentions completely before your quit. Believe that you do not need to be addicted and you will quit smoking for good.

09 April 2007

Easiest time in quit

It is the first 2 weeks. You are thinking how much do you want to smoke and how much do you want to quit. And, yes, you are proud for every day without cigarettes. Your mind is going to say you - "maybe you give me a portion of nicotine/dopamine" every 5 minutes. And you reply "NO" all the time.

The more dangerous time is 3 or even 12 month later, when you think that your addiction was kicked away forever, but, oooops, you are going to smoke just one to find out those lost in past feelings. The drama is here; you are not get what you remember. To get those feelings you need to back to pack a day habit, otherwise you do not get satisfaction. That is why many of us need several attempts before final quit.

You should know that if you get a puff you would not get a satisfaction. To get back some euphoria you need to smoke up to 10 cigarettes and get back to your addiction. So, when you think about cigarette, you should know that you are not able to get fast pleasure, but you only are able to get your addiction back.

01 April 2007

Positive Quit Smoking

When you decide to quit, you should know that difference between "smoking you" and "non-smoking you" is just inside your mind. So what you should expect quitting smoking? Maybe you already know the answer – it is nicotine withdrawal symptoms and side effects. You expect them and that's why you get them. That's why you are still smoker. You know that you want to smoke all the time, so when you just trying to stop you are so much afraid of being without cigarette for day or even two or three days. If you think that it is war between your will and the nicotine addiction, you are going to try quitting smoking for years without success.

Yes, it's hard to quit smoking, but not because of physical chemical cravings. The main reason of those strong cravings is in your mind. Believe, if you think that cigarettes help you in your life, you do not have to quit smoking. Why should you disallow something to help you? If you find a pleasure in smoking, why should you refuse to feel those satisfying feelings? So, to quit smoking smoker should disabuse his mind of errors first. Everyone should leave all myths behind. Chronic toxic effect of smoking is very dangerous and smoking has no advantages. Discover for sure that you have only troubles smoking cigarettes - it is the first thing to successful quit.