30 May 2007

Quit Smoking Pro Advice

Someone ask for help inside Get support quitting smoking post. Therefore, as this advice is too long, it will be posted here as independent post.

Boy do I need support. I just happened to google your blog while searching for some kind of online support. I quit smoking on 5/8. I did the shot, followed by 10 days of medication. Ever since then I have been struggling with mood swings, basically I feel like everyday I am an evil person to live with, I feel bad for everyone I come in contact with. I feel like wearing a warning label to let people know I am a recent quitter and to be aware. Please help, I really am a nice person, how can I moderate my moods? How long will this go on?
You should focus your attention on one simple fact that you will get no reward from going back to your addiction. Particularly, you should know that if you decide to smoke again your first cigarettes will have dreadful taste, until your body set itself back to nicotine addiction mode. In the same time, smoking one stinky cigarette is not a reason to get back to one pack a day addiction routine.

I hope you understand what I am talking about - you have no choice - smoking will never help you to get your mood up, so what or who are able to help you? The most reasonable answer - you - yourself. You should live your live, thinking about what really matter for you. You should think about your relatives, your friends, anyone you care about and anyone, who cares about you.

If you are not able to live with your cravings and mood swings ask help everywhere as you asked help at Quit Smoking Pro. Ask on forums, ask friends to help you. Read what you need to help yourself. For instance. Drink a lot of water, juice, and lemonade. Do some simple breathing exercise – this helps a lot. Exercise, after heavy training you will have no desire to smoke or even desire to think about smoking or bad mood, you will just enjoy relax.

The main advice - do not think about your quitting – think about you life and how can you make it brighter. Do something in this direction and you will put yourself in good spirits. Act like positive, active, and full of energy man and you really will be fine. Stay free from addiction.

29 May 2007

Burning money on killing yourself

Smoking is like burning money - Quit Smoking - save for what really does matter Smoking is like burning money. Yes, it is true that smoking wastes away your time, money, and health. Paying your money to tobacco companies is not excellent idea. Your money spent on tobacco goes to tobacco promotion to get more people addicted. Smoking is financially costly, saving that money, you can save for what really does matter. You should know that most people do not smoke, have never smoked, and do not have the desire to smoke, but live full lives of joy, pleasure, fulfillment, love, tragedy, challenge and victory without cigarettes.

25 May 2007

Let us talk about addiction

Nicotine is really as addictive as heroin or cocaine. And everyone have his own understanding of nicotine addiction. But what really matter is you. Your brain, your problems, your ability to quit. No matter how addictive nicotine is, finally your mind decides what is addictive and what is not. So if you really want to quit smoking you will.

You will have good and bad days throughout this cessation process. That is normal. On the bad days, do not get depressed. Remember that each day is a new opportunity for success in your journey to smoke free, happier, and healthier life. Focus on the present moment; this will help you to stay in control. Set small goals that you know you can accomplish, then work out to bigger ones.

Quitting smoking is all good. Your lungs, heart, and arteries begin a self-repair process as soon as you stop poisoning your body. Your skin clears and smoothes, your fingernails lose that yellow tinge, and your teeth brighten beautifully...

21 May 2007

Walk instead of smoke

People who are trying to quit smoking should take a quick walk when they feel like lighting up. Even a few minutes of physical activity can help reduce cigarette cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Exercise drastically reduces cigarette cravings, even when it's a low intensity activity. It seems that even small doses of exercise may truly help fight cigarette cravings. Longer periods of more intense exercise, like a 15 minute walk, for instance, held cravings at bay for as long as 50 minutes. Exercise also helped lessen the severity of withdrawal symptoms including stress, anxiety, tension, poor concentration, irritability, and restlessness.

Exercise could be an alternative to snacking for many smokers, who are trying to quit, especially since the amount of time and activity required to cut cravings is minimal. You shouldn't think of exercise as a visit to the gym, or requiring the need to put on specific clothing, or to be done on a set number of days a week, or only possible on weekends, it's not necessarily true, the key is simply to do something active when the urge to smoke strikes. If it takes an average of 6 minutes to smoke a cigarette, then doing a walk for this period may be enough to help remove the urge. Exercise has many other benefits and no side effects, and so, exercise should be a part of every smoker's quitting plan.

17 May 2007

Cigarettes are Serial Killers

"If you want to change your life, change your mind."

We all have the ability to quit smoking and be free from nicotine addiction. If you still smoking, learn what to expect when you quit smoking and get support you need to succeed. If you are really ready to stop, with the right information and a plan, you are going to be next person to kick cigarettes out of your life once and for all.

Do you actuality want to get permanent freedom from this addiction? You should fully understand that smoking is not what you like, need, or function more efficiently with. The truth is that you are addicted to nicotine, and that addiction is powerful enough to make you think that you need cigarettes, you get some assistance from them, that smoking is inseparable part of your life, and finally, that you love to smoke. Realize where the truth is and never let you think that you need a cigarette. Vice versa! Cigarettes need you, as someone to kill.

09 May 2007

Additives add more danger to cigarettes

It is hard to determine the potential risk of non-tobacco additives for cigarette smokers. Some chemicals, designed to improve flavor and increase the blast of nicotine, are put smokers at a greater risk of cancer. Most people are unaware of the huge number of additives and carcinogens in cigarettes in addition to nicotine. The cigarettes are like dirty syringes for taking the drug nicotine, with many additives permitted. The tobacco companies have known how to make smoking safer for the years, but have failed to do so again and again.

The additive free cigarettes and going to be more popular nowadays. Some of smokers are more than aware of the unhealthy effects of tobacco smoking and understand that potential effects of smoking added chemical and preservatives can only be making a dangerous habit even more deadly. Surely, cigarettes without additives are not safe to smoke. The fact is, there is no such thing as a safe smoke. Even cigarettes without additives produce tar and carbon monoxide, which is a poison. That is the reality. Be aware.