25 January 2008

Cravings to Smoke – Fight or Relax?

Cravings to Smoke – Fight or Relax?When you quit, driving, eating, drinking coffee or alcohol, or simply relaxing will trigger the urge, but most cravings to smoke last only three to five minutes. Then power of craving tends to decrease gradually until craving is gone. There are two ways to cope with cravings.

1. Fight cravings as they come, one by one. The most effective way to do that is to interrupt your thought pattern immediately. Change your activity, do something different for a few minutes, and the craving will lose its power and be gone.

2. Try a little reverse psychology - instead of fighting with the urge to smoke, relax and let the craving wash over you, and accept it as a sign of healing, which is just what it is. The urge will run its course and pass.

Have some faith, and trust in the process of quitting smoking. Thousands of people quit smoking successfully every day of the year. They don't have any unique qualities that you don't have. Everything you need to quit smoking for good is within you right now. Believe in yourself and be patient! Take the time you need to find out how to live your life without smoke. You will get there just as surely as the next person.