02 June 2008

Are you man enough to butt-out?

Are you man enough to butt-out?Sponsor: Quit Smoking Right Now

Men around the world smoke more than women. But why? Because tobacco companies and advertisers have targeted men for the longest time, or is it just that women care more about their health? There are men, who smoke two or three cigarettes a day and think since they are not into chain or heavy smoking, they will not get affected. Other ones believe that smoking actually improves their digestive system. It is hard to imagine why men don't understand how harmful their habit is.

As human beings, when confronted with a problem sometimes we are reluctant to recognize that the problem actually exists. We tend at times to be in denial. Smokers are not sheltered nor are they immune to these basic human characteristics. Some men, although they, or those close to them, may be experiencing some of the cigarette smoke’s side effects such as: tooth decay, premature ageing, cataracts, hearing loss, breathing complications, impotence and numbness of fingers, they choose to neglect the harsh realities that all of these could be attributed to cigarette smoking.

A smokers’ lung resembles burnt meat. The blackened lung is a result of tar deposits that all smokers breathe into their lungs with every puff they take. Cigarette tars contain some of the most carcinogenic chemicals known to man. Some of us have close friends who have been smoking cigarettes for years but have been defiant in accepting the fact that they are indeed hooked and are sick because of tobacco smoke.

Those smokers who are in denial continue to inhale thousands of poisons with every puff. These poisons rob them of their endurance and their health. One day, these poisons may eventually rob them, or those close to them, of their life. Smoking related diseases are responsible for 1 in 10 adult deaths worldwide. According to the World Health Organization, the tobacco epidemic kills an average of two people every 12 seconds.

Unfortunately, most of men have smoked and are still smoking. This makes all men very much at risk of the harmful effects of smoking. Stop smoke cigarettes every single day in order to maintain a constant blood nicotine level and satisfy the addiction, please, start tobacco free life, and protect yourself from tobacco smoke.