20 August 2008

Get Support to Quit Smoking

Get Support to Quit SmokingFor smokers smoking is more than a habit, it is an addiction. It is not easy to stop smoking. No one said it would. Bad habits are bad enough, but addictions are difficult to quit. This is where a support group can help. For some people, this includes your friends and family. This can also include both ex-smokers and nonsmokers. For other people, a support group can also consist of professional help. In any case, having people on your side cheering you on can do you some good. This will help you keep going and finally lead you to quit smoking.

Those who have already quit smoking claim that it is best to quit cold turkey. Do not try to decrease the amount of cigarettes you have per day because this will make it too difficult to quit. Instead, try to stop smoking completely all at once. The cravings might make you uncomfortable for a while, but you will get over them faster than if you were to stop gradually.

Once you have made the decision to kick the cigarette habit, stay away from social environments that can entice you to light up. Drink plenty of fluids and commit to a workout regimen to alleviate the pangs of withdrawal. Nicotine withdrawal can be quite uncomfortable. To control the emotional cravings and anxiety nicotine withdrawal can cause, find someone to provide support or engage in an activity that requires concentration.

One way to control cravings is to seek distractions, something to do other than smoke. Things like reading an engrossing novel or going to the theater can take your mind off the cravings. Other people prefer to take deep breaths or redirect their focus with different activities. Some people chew gum to keep their mouths occupied. Whatever you choose, make sure to do that instead of smoking another cigarette.

With self-control and a good support system, it is quite possible to stop smoking naturally. It is not entirely easy to accomplish, but once the first symptoms of withdrawal are over, you can quit smoking and become healthier.