04 September 2008

One More Cigarette

One More Cigarette You want to smoke and your mind always find the reasons to acquit smoking. You are not able to work without cigarettes, nicotine addiction force you to make a little break for a cigarette every time you have to solve any more or less important problem. You smoke – cigarette burn you life and health. If you think that smoking isn't bad for your health and for the whole life, you get no chances to quit.

You aren't free even when you smoke; you know that you will need next cigarette soon. If you are trying to quit smoking, your imagination and mind are trying to find reasons to smoke one more cigarette. Smoking will never help you to relax or to concentrate, you just cannot relax or concentrate without satisfied nicotine addiction.

Are you ever try to understand that your visits to doctor are connected with smoking? You know that smoking is dangerous for your lungs, but your whole life is worse due to oxygen starvation, and total impact upon your energy level. This influence is very gradual and unnoticeable, but when you are going to light up next cigarette, try to understand that exactly the same one will be your last cigarette soon. You just can choose - death or your decision to quit smoking will be the reason.