14 September 2008

Same Reason for Relapse and Inability to Quit Smoking

Same Reason for Relapse and Inability to Quit SmokingIf you think that you relapse to smoking after quitting because you do not have strong mental defense to beat back the cravings of the nicotine, then you are wrong! Cravings and relapse have equal roots. When smokers smoke cigarettes, their minds set tons of reasons why they are doing this, while smoking is the greatest threat to health, wealth and welfare of smoker and his family members.

If smoker are not able to remove all this reasons from this mind and heart, he will not be able to successfully quit smoking. Even this person is managed to quit smoking, the state of non-smoking is too hard for him, because he still has many reasons to smoke, but doesn’t smoke just because of willpower. This mismatch will transform to the stress with relapse as most likely outcome.

To successfully quit smoking you need to know more about smoking addiction; why smoking cigarettes never helps you, and have clear-cut understanding why you are smoking. Really, these are very simple tasks for non-smokers and very hard for smokers. Smokers believe that smoking helps them, when they need to concentrate or to relax; non-smokers know that smokers are just feeding their addiction. If you think that cigarettes are your best pals, please, do not try to quit. Instead, change your mind at first.