11 September 2008

To Successfully Quit Smoking, You Need a Multi-legged Stool

To Successfully Quit Smoking, You Need a Multi-legged StoolThe stool or more correctly, the legs of the stool are a metaphor for what I feel is one of the most important aspects of quitting smoking - support. Picture if you will sitting down at the computer to write a letter on a stool with only one leg and how difficult it would be to remain on it. Sure, you can say 'If the leg is in the middle of the stool, balancing shouldn't be too hard.' True, but what say the one leg is attached to the outer perimeter as normal? Do you think it would be much harder to concentrate on finishing your letter if most of your attention is spent trying not to fall over? Probably very difficult, I would think.

Now let us add a leg to the stool. Does it become any easier to sit on? Of course it does. Now you only have to worry about the stool moving side-to-side or front-to-back, but not both so you only have to give it half as much attention. Much easier to concentrate on the task.

Let's now add the third leg, which by the way has been shown to be the most stable arrangement for a stool, and upholstery cleaning codes do we get. Right - perfect stability. We can now sit with complete confidence upon our three-legged stool and focus all our attention on our letter because we no longer have the fear of falling over (failure).

How does this metaphor relate to quitting smoking? Well, like the one legged stool, if you attempt to quit smoking on your own with no other support, it will be that much more difficult to stay focused. Why try to do it alone s upholstery cleaning there are friends out there who would be more than willing to help you. Adding another couple of legs to your efforts would be recommended to get more stability (support), but four, five or more friends would not be out of line either.

Although having five legs of support on a stool may look funny, having this number of support people at your disposal when quitting smoking is smart. However, be sure to inform whomever you ask to help you that they don't harp on or badger you about quitting, only to be there when you need their valued assistance. And if you are courageous enough, and I hope you are, make a pact with yourself that if at any time after you quit you are tempted professional furniture cleaners or someone else that having 'just one' wouldn't hurt, you must call all your 'legs' and say "Hi, it's me. I've decided to start smoking again." If you can make it through all of these phone calls and still believe that 'one' will not hurt, I would be very surprised.

Freedom from the cigarette will come once you have made up your mind and enlisted all the tools you can find, including the multi-legged support system.