28 November 2008

Do you want to quit smoking or just be free from smoking?

happier and successful lifeMaybe you've heard that the process to quit smoking all begins with the desire that you actually want to quit. However, this is simply not true. The truth is that smoker do not want to do something like pass through "quit smoking process", he want to get freedom from doing something useless, pointless and harmful.

That's it – smoker understands that he or she does not need cigarettes any more. It is the most important step to success. If you think that smoking is someway relaxes you, or helps you to concentrate you should learn more about nicotine addiction and understand that you nobody else than nicotine addict, who lie to himself that he needs another dose.

When smoker clearly see that the life is happier and free without smoking, it is very easy to read some information about smoking cessation process and how to deal with withdrawal symptoms. Anyway, every former smoker is happier after even three days without cigarettes. Moreover, some ex-smokers don't even think about cigarettes after two weeks after their last cigarette.

All these people are free. They don't need to spend their money for poisonous product. They don't need to to fool away their time for pointless stealing. They don't need to think about cartons, packs, lighters, ashtrays, odors and all other things smoker forced to think about everyday. Get your freedom, it's free :) – set up your quit day, ask your friends and relatives to support you and get more happier and successful life.