29 August 2008

Smoking is only a part of the problem

Smoking is only a part of the problemOnce you manage to quit you will have more energy, money, and a universe of opportunities ahead of you. Starting to look down on other smokers is additional risk for former smoker, so, please, do not be preachy. If you really want to help your friends or relatives, try to give them useful advice and let them make their own choice. If they don’t want to quit, they never will.

Another problem for ex-smokers is their pride for quitting smoking. Sometimes former smokers even think that they deserve some rewards from life just for non-smoking. Quitting smoking is great act, ex-smoker ever did in life, but it is not the reason for pride. If you proud too much that you have came off cigarettes, but don't make any further steps to make your life better day after day, you have much more chances to get back to your nicotine addiction.

You not only need to start your way to a nicotine free world, but also you need to keep trying to improve other aspects of your life. The dangers of cigarette smoking are now very well known and understood, but, anyway, simply quitting is not enough, ex-smokers have to gain a new sense of freedom and satisfaction only for the new great achievements, not just for their quitting smoking success that rapidly become a thing of the past.

20 August 2008

Get Support to Quit Smoking

Get Support to Quit SmokingFor smokers smoking is more than a habit, it is an addiction. It is not easy to stop smoking. No one said it would. Bad habits are bad enough, but addictions are difficult to quit. This is where a support group can help. For some people, this includes your friends and family. This can also include both ex-smokers and nonsmokers. For other people, a support group can also consist of professional help. In any case, having people on your side cheering you on can do you some good. This will help you keep going and finally lead you to quit smoking.

Those who have already quit smoking claim that it is best to quit cold turkey. Do not try to decrease the amount of cigarettes you have per day because this will make it too difficult to quit. Instead, try to stop smoking completely all at once. The cravings might make you uncomfortable for a while, but you will get over them faster than if you were to stop gradually.

Once you have made the decision to kick the cigarette habit, stay away from social environments that can entice you to light up. Drink plenty of fluids and commit to a workout regimen to alleviate the pangs of withdrawal. Nicotine withdrawal can be quite uncomfortable. To control the emotional cravings and anxiety nicotine withdrawal can cause, find someone to provide support or engage in an activity that requires concentration.

One way to control cravings is to seek distractions, something to do other than smoke. Things like reading an engrossing novel or going to the theater can take your mind off the cravings. Other people prefer to take deep breaths or redirect their focus with different activities. Some people chew gum to keep their mouths occupied. Whatever you choose, make sure to do that instead of smoking another cigarette.

With self-control and a good support system, it is quite possible to stop smoking naturally. It is not entirely easy to accomplish, but once the first symptoms of withdrawal are over, you can quit smoking and become healthier.

14 August 2008

Julianne Moore's Quitting Smoking

Julianne Moore's Quitting SmokingActress Julianne Moore feels that the decision to quit smoking improved more than just her health. It also gave her an emotional awakening, improving all other areas of her life. Moore quit smoking 15 years ago and she considers it one of the smartest things she ever did. "I began to see the most clearly," says The Hours star. "I was 31 or 32, and I quit smoking. I was so emotional."

The actress feels that the decision to quit also helped her better examine other issues in her life, such as why she smoked to begin with. "I had been so unhappy, and I realized that I had just been . . . literally stuffing it back with those cigarettes in my mouth," Moore recalls.

And the Oscar-nominated actress feels that an epiphany had really taken place. "I felt like I woke up suddenly," she admits.