11 January 2009

Quit Smoking Phenomenon

Quit Smoking Phenomenon
'Yesterday is history,
tomorrow is a mystery,
but today is a gift.
That is why it is called the present.'

It seems that for author of Quit Smoking Pro Blog quit smoking phenomenon is still interesting theme to think and write about. But it appears that it is hard to find something new or interesting about this thing. Everything is quite clear, but nicotine cessation still isn't easy process for millions of smokers. The main problem in quitting smoking process is love. Maybe it is hard to accept fully, but most smokers like their lives and what they do every day including smoking. Smokers think that smoking is a part of their lives. They think that smoking helps them to get over the difficulties of everyday life. It is true and falsehood in the same time.

When you addicted, the every dose of substance, you are addicted to, frees you from your addiction for a short space of time. Also every puff makes you more addicted to cigarettes than you were before. Smoking is just one among other problems present-day people have, and it is somewhat tangled with different problems including stresses, socializing, etc… Maybe quit smoking was New Year resolution for many smokers during this New Year's eve. But many of those smokers had relapsed already. And only some of them are successful.

Well-known fact is that it is hard to change life for the better. So smokers, who want to quit smoking, need not just to overcome addiction, but to have the guts to catch up their non-smoking lives with all problems and concerns every life consists with. That's why all ex-smokers should leave smoking and thoughts about smoking way behind and think about present moment. Really today is the best time to do something we will be happy to remember.