10 January 2009

Secondhand Smoke is a Firsthand Problem for Children

Step outside your home and car to smoke!

Secondhand Smoke is a Firsthand Problem for ChildrenMany children require care for various health issues related to the smoking of a parent or family member. Children are especially open to health risks from exposure to secondhand smoke; the effects include asthma, bronchitis, allergies, pneumonia and painful ear infections. By consistently stepping outside your home and car to smoke, you will improve your children's health by reducing their exposure to your tobacco smoke.

It has been shown that smokers, who know that secondhand smoke is dangerous and take action to protect children from it make better progress toward quitting when they are ready to do so. If you are ready to quit smoking for good now, consider these tips to help you make this quit attempt last a lifetime.

Think about why quitting smoking is important to you. Is it to improve your health, save the $1,500 it costs to buy a pack-a-day, or is it because you want to set a good example for your kids and not expose them to secondhand smoke? Whatever your reasons, make a list of them to keep you motivated.

Ask for support from your family, friends and co-workers. Make sure that you are not alone in your trip to smoking-free life.

Prepare. Throw away all your tobacco products and related materials, including cigarette packs or chew cans, lighters, ashtrays and others that remind you of using tobacco. Create a plan to keep yourself busy during times you typically use tobacco.

Don't give up! If you experience a relapse, do not get down on yourself. Take the opportunity to learn from the experience as a way to help you achieve success.

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