21 March 2009

Quit Smoking - Why Hypnotherapy Is So Successful?

Quit Smoking - Why Hypnotherapy Is So Successful?What if your attitude to quitting smoking is absolutely false? What if, after just one session of hypnotherapy you find it extremely simple to turn into and stay a happy, joyful nonsmoker for life? The reason why hypnotherapy is so successful is because both our thinking about smoking and our habitual smoking behaviours exist in your unconscious mind.

Smokers buy into years of conditioning telling them that smoking made them feel somehow better, more positive and calmer. And as a result of lighting up those first few cigarettes, smokers permanently establish these tremendously obstructive thinking directly into their unconscious, beliefs that also incorporated the idea that quitting smoking was going to be very hard.

At the same time, smokers make a conscious choice to choose those supposed benefits of feeling better, more comfortable and secure, over the original physical effects of inhaling the poisonous smoke. So as time goes on and those scratchy physical reactions start to fall down, as a result of their recently created nicotine addiction, they started to misunderstand the relief of feeding that addiction with feelings of relaxation and self-assurance.

After smoking thousands of cigarettes, smokers have strengthen those useless values about smoking and how difficult it is to stop it and, they have also trained their unconscious minds to incorrectly connect the process of lighting and smoking a cigarette with feeling positive, self-assured and comfortable.

Hypnotherapy let us change our unconscious mind of a smoker to disdain those false beliefs about smoking and hardness of quitting smoking, and to change those lifeless benefits to something more satisfying and exciting!