20 April 2009

Quit Smoking Cold Turkey Easy Tips

Quit Smoking Cold Turkey Easy TipsThis is the most popular quit smoking method and most every long-term ex-smokers quit smoking cold turkey. It can be very difficult to quit smoking cold turkey, but it does not cost a thing and here are some things you can do to make the cold turkey method easier on yourself.

- Pick a long enough period of time when your life is going to be less stressful. Summer break, the holidays, a vacation are all possibilities. You most likely smoke more when you are stressed, so eliminating the stress is a good place to start.

- Keep a lot of your favorite non-alcoholic drinks on hand. Drinking will keep you hydrated and give you something to do with your mouth instead of puffing on a cigarette; also, it will help your body flush the toxins out of your system faster.

- Avoid situations that frustrate you - you are not going to sustain a stress well. Also, avoid any place where people will be smoking.

- When a craving hits, try closing your eyes and counting to ten while taking some deep breaths. If that doesn't work, take a walk to get yourself away from temptation.

- While quitting try to avoid alcohol and caffeine as much as possible because these stimulants disrupt sleep and prevent you body from effective relaxation.

- During quitting smoking process, it is normal for your mind to forget many of the reasons that motivated you to quit smoking. Write your list of your personal quit smoking reasons and carry it with you.

- Make sure your friends and relatives are aware of your quit smoking challenge so that they can support you.

- Remember, that there is no such thing as just one puff. You are just one puff away from failure. Never Take Another Puff!

If you wish to beat smoking for good, make sure that you are changing your mindset while you are at smoking. You have to fall out of love with smoking, you have to know why nicotine addiction is bad for you, why you do not need it, and you have to know why it is not a part of you. You need to answer all these questions to quit smoking for good before you setup your quit day.