28 June 2009

Commonly Known Facts about Smoking

Commonly Known Facts about SmokingIt is well known that smoking is a health hazard. Smokers know common facts about smoking but it does not bring them stop. Let’s systemize the knowledge about smoking. Smoking can cause: stained teeth, fingers, and hair; emphysema; high blood pressure; heart disease; insomnia; arthritis; nervousness; wrinkles and senilism; decreased sexual activity; mental depression; tobacco angina, pneumonia, asthma, lung cancer; arteriosclerosis; cancer of the lip, tongue, pharynx, larynx, and bladder.

Have you already known all these facts about smoking? Have you ever thought you wouldn’t choose any one disease, but run chances to get some of them, even most of them? To be able to afford yourself to treat these facts with indignity you should know the score.

The most troubling fact about smoking is that nicotine effects human nervous system. This affection begins with somatic and psychological dependence symptoms and ends with the nerve-muscle junctions disorders. The nerve-muscle junctions’ disorders usually cause tremors and shaking.

Nicotine causes narrowing and constriction of the arteries - one of the reasons for the heart failure and heart disease. Nicotine may cause excitement, anxiety, depression, morbid fears and aggravates nervous breakdowns, because of its ability to stimulate. Nicotine makes the blood more viscous and decreases the available oxygen. It also has an adverse effect on the breathing, sweating, intestinal, and heart actions of our vegetative nervous system.

It is also well known that if the mother smokes during pregnancy, the baby’s pulse is one third faster than a non-smoker mother’s baby is, and there can be heart trouble symptoms in the baby after birth. Premature birth is very often related to the mother’s smoking. There is also a confirmed relationship between parents’ smoking and children's respiratory disease.

Some more facts about smoking…Do you know a smoker needs much more food and sleep because of the fact that nicotine makes his body work harder and less efficiently? The facts about smoking are that the smoker’s heart beats faster; his organism needs more fuel and energy, because it is permanently affected by the toxic agent. So, this is the explanation why smokers have less trouble keeping their weight down. By the way, the other disadvantage about the smoking is that foods taste much better to non-smokers.

24 June 2009

Your Best Quit Smoking Way

Your Best Quit Smoking WayThe main constituent part of quitting smoking process is your desire and a picture of your future non-smoking life imprinted on your mind.

You've probably heard about people who stopped smoking immediately and at once. As usual, such a person makes a decision and says "stop" to himself and that is all, he will never smoke again. That's the way the ball bounces, but you should know, some smokers give up little by little, sometimes flying off the handle, or have relapses, and it is also natural. Be patient; compliment yourself all the time, and do not stop your quitting smoking process.

There is some quit smoking advice – quitting smoking tips to help you:

- Learn what triggers your craving for a cigarette, such as stress, the end of a meal, arrival at work, entering a bar… Avoid these triggers or if that is not possible, plan alternative ways to deal with cravings.

- The thing that helps a lot for many people is drinking lots of really ice-cold water (fill your cup to the top with ice - to be really cold). If you don’t like or can’t use cold water, use warm. Water is one of the best tools for beating cravings to smoke. It also helps not to flesh out.

- Do some deep breathing each day for five minutes. Breathe in through your nose very slowly, hold the breath for a few seconds, and breathe out very slowly through your mouth. It is possible to do your breathing with your eyes closed also.

- Eat, chew or suck: green apple/caramel lollipops help to distract because it took so long to eat the whole thing. Chewing gum will pass off the idea to light up "just one".

- Enjoy going and working out all the stress from the day. It takes the edge off stress and the fresh air reminds you about how good it is, to breathe deeply without smoke.

- Ask your family and friends to support you in your quit smoking attempt. Let them know that you will probably be irritable and even irrational with the help of nicotine withdrawal symptoms.

- Talk with your physician about quitting. Support and help from a doctor is a proven way to improve your chances to quit smoking for good.

- Be positive. Some ex-smokers say that sleep and rest helped them most. Give yourself a promise to be nice. Remember, you can react all problems and troubles with a better choice than smoking.

- Believe in yourself. Think about some of the most complex things you have done in your life and understand that you have aspiration and willpower to quit smoking!

21 June 2009

Cope With Nicotine Withdrawal Symptoms and Quit For Good!

Cope With Nicotine Withdrawal Symptoms and Quit For Good!Are you giving up smoking and going through tough times of nicotine withdrawal right know? Bear and forbear all things must pass. You will keep head above water, without fail, you are already doing it. Right now you are looking for a way to improve the situation of nicotine withdrawal, so you are already the champion!

Symptoms of nicotine withdrawal can vary from some physical to psychological discomfort or include them both. If you are just going to stop smoking, put up to what to expect when you quit smoking. Forewarned is forearmed, you won’t make a fuss about your feelings because they are natural and you will know it. So what a giving up smoker feels:

8 of 10 people say that the first week without cigarettes is so bad that they think about "just have one more" very often. It is natural for nicotine withdrawal. You need something to help the cravings and nicotine withdrawal symptoms. It is not simple task, even if your mind is over matter. You may feel so angry and negative, you’ll think you are out for the count. It is natural and up-n-coming. Hold the fort! Start thinking of how gross and unhealthy is smoking. You are a reasonable being, to give up smoking, it is on your behalf and you are able to do it! You get the point, it really helps a lot. Some people say they started reading these messages from others and post a bit or a lot in some quit smokers forums. It brings relief. Just know better days are coming.

Some days later you’ll probably breathe easily, but may become so apathetic about everything. You may feel you can't be happy about anything it seems, and appreciate exhausted. Remind yourself: early cessation is uncomfortable, but it does not last forever! Get extra rest, eat well, drink enough of water and support yourself with the persuasion that you’ll renew your spirit each and every day right now. Seek advice of experienced person. Turn to your support group. You'll feel better soon as you don't smoke.

Everyone that quit smoking has found one way or several ways to keep themselves from smoking. That is a fact, there is no person who couldn’t do it when he wanted. Hold the fort! Do you know psychotherapeutics say "there is no "I can’t", but "I don’t want". Savvy? You can’t come in nowhere, if you are jonesing for stop smoking. You may be already start noticing the stinking smell of the cigarettes. Do you? Do you want to smell again?

Be bigger than that, you won't ever go back to smoking and this disgusting smell. You’ll get better very soon, you’ll stick out. You feel better right now! Do you?

16 June 2009

Don't Lose any Time Thinking about Quitting Smoking

Thinking about Quitting SmokingWhat if any smoker decides to quit smoking and tries to father particular scheme to make it happen? Maybe it sounds good enough, but there is no point in going there. There are only two important things that are vital for success.

1. Smoker should know that smoking is addiction and that he is addicted. 2. Smoker should have every intention to quit smoking for good. These two points are good enough as basis for successful quitting smoking attempt.

There are thousands of smokers that are not able to quit smoking even having both above named points in their pocket. They always think about quitting smoking. They learned a lot about nicotine addiction. They are trying to create their own, specific way for freedom from the addiction. They are loosing their time with these vain attempts and make their nicotine addiction even stronger.

It is possible to get a new angle on quitting smoking issue - try to understand that in some way thinking about smoking is equivalent to thinking about quitting smoking. When smoker is thinking about quitting smoking, it is same old song by his nicotine addiction that force smoker to believe that his addiction is a center of universe.

There are tons of quitting smoking tips and practical methods to weaken withdrawal symptoms. It is very helpful for those smokers, who are trying to quit smoking first time taking this seriously. Those ones with some quitting smoking experience are able to predict what they are going to feel, but they also can find something useful from these advices.

Anyway, there is no one reason for any smoker to keep this deadly smoking routine thinking about quitting smoking. Smoker never get something positive from smoking - it is just feeding of nicotine addiction - so it is very simple choice - you are thinking about quitting smoking and stay addicted or you are really going to quit and think about positive changes in your life, your health and making all this possible without any quitting smoking reflections.

08 June 2009

Effects of Smoking

Effects of SmokingIf you took 1,000 young adult smokers, one will be murdered, six will die on the roads, but 500 will die from tobacco. / Richard Peto /

Maybe you want to switch to a healthier lifestyle and quit smoking permanently? If yes, maybe you've heard that popular tip on stopping smoking:
Educate Yourself About the Ill Effects of Smoking - One of the first things that might motivate you to quit smoking is educating yourself about the adverse effects of smoking. Read books about ill effects of smoking, surf the Internet to find out more, and even watch videos and documentaries, which educate you about the ill effects of smoking. Once you start getting to know how perilous smoking can be, watching photographs or videos of the people adversely affected due to smoking can help you quit smoking. Educate yourself thoroughly about what smoking can do to your body, and think whether you want to cause such permanent damage to your own body.
In reality there are tons of people without one lung or without one leg still smoking and enjoing it. It is true – make a web search and you will find proof. Medical issues is very weak motivation for smokers to fight with addiction. It is impossible to learn more about lung cancer and quit smoking with the help of this knowledge. The only one reaction every smoker experience while trying to keep thinking about possible health problems from smoking is desire to light up another cigarette that will help (as every smoker believe) to reduce stress. In the same time the only one thing that could help smoker to quit smoking for good is understanding that smoking can only stir up stress and problems and never solve any problem at all.