16 June 2009

Don't Lose any Time Thinking about Quitting Smoking

Thinking about Quitting SmokingWhat if any smoker decides to quit smoking and tries to father particular scheme to make it happen? Maybe it sounds good enough, but there is no point in going there. There are only two important things that are vital for success.

1. Smoker should know that smoking is addiction and that he is addicted. 2. Smoker should have every intention to quit smoking for good. These two points are good enough as basis for successful quitting smoking attempt.

There are thousands of smokers that are not able to quit smoking even having both above named points in their pocket. They always think about quitting smoking. They learned a lot about nicotine addiction. They are trying to create their own, specific way for freedom from the addiction. They are loosing their time with these vain attempts and make their nicotine addiction even stronger.

It is possible to get a new angle on quitting smoking issue - try to understand that in some way thinking about smoking is equivalent to thinking about quitting smoking. When smoker is thinking about quitting smoking, it is same old song by his nicotine addiction that force smoker to believe that his addiction is a center of universe.

There are tons of quitting smoking tips and practical methods to weaken withdrawal symptoms. It is very helpful for those smokers, who are trying to quit smoking first time taking this seriously. Those ones with some quitting smoking experience are able to predict what they are going to feel, but they also can find something useful from these advices.

Anyway, there is no one reason for any smoker to keep this deadly smoking routine thinking about quitting smoking. Smoker never get something positive from smoking - it is just feeding of nicotine addiction - so it is very simple choice - you are thinking about quitting smoking and stay addicted or you are really going to quit and think about positive changes in your life, your health and making all this possible without any quitting smoking reflections.