08 June 2009

Effects of Smoking

Effects of SmokingIf you took 1,000 young adult smokers, one will be murdered, six will die on the roads, but 500 will die from tobacco. / Richard Peto /

Maybe you want to switch to a healthier lifestyle and quit smoking permanently? If yes, maybe you've heard that popular tip on stopping smoking:
Educate Yourself About the Ill Effects of Smoking - One of the first things that might motivate you to quit smoking is educating yourself about the adverse effects of smoking. Read books about ill effects of smoking, surf the Internet to find out more, and even watch videos and documentaries, which educate you about the ill effects of smoking. Once you start getting to know how perilous smoking can be, watching photographs or videos of the people adversely affected due to smoking can help you quit smoking. Educate yourself thoroughly about what smoking can do to your body, and think whether you want to cause such permanent damage to your own body.
In reality there are tons of people without one lung or without one leg still smoking and enjoing it. It is true – make a web search and you will find proof. Medical issues is very weak motivation for smokers to fight with addiction. It is impossible to learn more about lung cancer and quit smoking with the help of this knowledge. The only one reaction every smoker experience while trying to keep thinking about possible health problems from smoking is desire to light up another cigarette that will help (as every smoker believe) to reduce stress. In the same time the only one thing that could help smoker to quit smoking for good is understanding that smoking can only stir up stress and problems and never solve any problem at all.