24 June 2009

Your Best Quit Smoking Way

Your Best Quit Smoking WayThe main constituent part of quitting smoking process is your desire and a picture of your future non-smoking life imprinted on your mind.

You've probably heard about people who stopped smoking immediately and at once. As usual, such a person makes a decision and says "stop" to himself and that is all, he will never smoke again. That's the way the ball bounces, but you should know, some smokers give up little by little, sometimes flying off the handle, or have relapses, and it is also natural. Be patient; compliment yourself all the time, and do not stop your quitting smoking process.

There is some quit smoking advice – quitting smoking tips to help you:

- Learn what triggers your craving for a cigarette, such as stress, the end of a meal, arrival at work, entering a bar… Avoid these triggers or if that is not possible, plan alternative ways to deal with cravings.

- The thing that helps a lot for many people is drinking lots of really ice-cold water (fill your cup to the top with ice - to be really cold). If you don’t like or can’t use cold water, use warm. Water is one of the best tools for beating cravings to smoke. It also helps not to flesh out.

- Do some deep breathing each day for five minutes. Breathe in through your nose very slowly, hold the breath for a few seconds, and breathe out very slowly through your mouth. It is possible to do your breathing with your eyes closed also.

- Eat, chew or suck: green apple/caramel lollipops help to distract because it took so long to eat the whole thing. Chewing gum will pass off the idea to light up "just one".

- Enjoy going and working out all the stress from the day. It takes the edge off stress and the fresh air reminds you about how good it is, to breathe deeply without smoke.

- Ask your family and friends to support you in your quit smoking attempt. Let them know that you will probably be irritable and even irrational with the help of nicotine withdrawal symptoms.

- Talk with your physician about quitting. Support and help from a doctor is a proven way to improve your chances to quit smoking for good.

- Be positive. Some ex-smokers say that sleep and rest helped them most. Give yourself a promise to be nice. Remember, you can react all problems and troubles with a better choice than smoking.

- Believe in yourself. Think about some of the most complex things you have done in your life and understand that you have aspiration and willpower to quit smoking!