25 November 2009

Tips for Managing Weight and Cravings

Tips for Managing Weight and CravingsSame tips are able to help with managing weight and cravings for cigarettes. Nicotine cravings are allied to food cravings. One puff or even one pack of cigarettes or reckless overeating have same common motives. When someone smokes or overeats it means that somewhere deep in the soul he believes that this will somehow help. Smoking will help to relax or to concentrate; overeating will give more power and satisfaction. Bullshit. And everyone knows it, but the problem is not in lack of knowledge, but in faith. Please, just believe that smoking or overeating will never help you, no way.

The key to not gaining weight is lot of exercise such as frequent walking. It also will help control cravings both for a cigarette and for food. Even just a five to ten minute walk several times a day will help control weight gain. Drinking lots of water also can help to manage food and cigarette cravings. Also, one of the most simple and effective keys to remaining smoke free is to avoid alcohol and products that contain caffeine, such as coca-cola or coffee.

Remember that foods that are stimulants boost the urge to smoke, so healthy eating will help you stay smoke free. Flush the nicotine from your system by drinking water, herb teas and vegetable or fruit juices. Adding fruits, soups, crackers, vegetables, and nuts to your diet will help you on your way to smoke free future. Also, add whole grain breads, cereals, sandwiches, and low fat dairy products to your set of choices. Ensure that your diet is wholesome, nutritious, balanced, low in saturated fat, sugar, sodium, and greasy foods.

Remember that it is possible to quit smoking without experiencing any cravings or gain weight – it is all in your mind and you ought to have faith in yourself.