21 February 2009

"Quiting Smoking" Misspellings

Quiting SmokingTrying to get new ideas for new Quit Smoking Pro post writings, while browsing through AdWords Keyword Tool, it was founded that more than 6 thousand searches with keyword "quiting smoking" were performed on Google in January, 2009. The right variant of this keyword "quitting smoking" got more than 74,000 searches.

Also, inside this niche keywords there are thousands of searches with misspellings and mistakes in keywords like – "stopsmoking", "quitsmoking", and "quite smoking". There are surprising, but somewhat popular keywords like – "stop smoke", "quit cigarette", and "cigarettes quit".

Inside this keyword list there are reasons for quitting smoking, the keywords like – "quit smoking cough", "effects of smoking", "smoking diseases", and keyword "benefits of smoking" as acquittal of smoking. Also there are some plug-and-play methods to quit smoking like – "quit smoking cold turkey", "hypnosis to quit smoking", "quit smoking laser therapy", and there are thousand of people looking for "easy way to quit smoking". In addition, there are some quit smoking products related keywords like – "Nicocure", "Zyban quit smoking", "nicotine gum", and "nicotine patch".

It seems that it is possible to write an article using this list of keywords only. So, "why you should quit smoking" and "what to expect when you quit smoking"? Is it true that every ex-smoker is going to experience "quit smoking withdrawal symptoms" and there is no "easy way to quit smoking"? "How to quit smoking without gaining weight"? What are "quitting smoking symptoms" and are there any "side effects of quitting smoking"? What are "health benefits of quitting smoking"?

If you are smoker and are going to set your mind free from this deadly addiction, you should know answers to these questions and even more information about nicotine addiction to successfully quit smoking for good. Educate yourself, understand how you can beat your depraved smoking routine and give yourself more chances to happy, smoke-free life.