21 March 2009

Quit Smoking - Why Hypnotherapy Is So Successful?

Quit Smoking - Why Hypnotherapy Is So Successful?What if your attitude to quitting smoking is absolutely false? What if, after just one session of hypnotherapy you find it extremely simple to turn into and stay a happy, joyful nonsmoker for life? The reason why hypnotherapy is so successful is because both our thinking about smoking and our habitual smoking behaviours exist in your unconscious mind.

Smokers buy into years of conditioning telling them that smoking made them feel somehow better, more positive and calmer. And as a result of lighting up those first few cigarettes, smokers permanently establish these tremendously obstructive thinking directly into their unconscious, beliefs that also incorporated the idea that quitting smoking was going to be very hard.

At the same time, smokers make a conscious choice to choose those supposed benefits of feeling better, more comfortable and secure, over the original physical effects of inhaling the poisonous smoke. So as time goes on and those scratchy physical reactions start to fall down, as a result of their recently created nicotine addiction, they started to misunderstand the relief of feeding that addiction with feelings of relaxation and self-assurance.

After smoking thousands of cigarettes, smokers have strengthen those useless values about smoking and how difficult it is to stop it and, they have also trained their unconscious minds to incorrectly connect the process of lighting and smoking a cigarette with feeling positive, self-assured and comfortable.

Hypnotherapy let us change our unconscious mind of a smoker to disdain those false beliefs about smoking and hardness of quitting smoking, and to change those lifeless benefits to something more satisfying and exciting!

12 March 2009

Useless Standard Approach to Quit Smoking Problem

Useless Standard Approach to Quit Smoking ProblemBelow is text compiled from standard quit smoking pieces of writing. It is look well, please, take a look and decide for yourself is it worth your attention?

"The brain of an addicted smoker treats nicotine as if it is crucial for survival. Most smokers try to quit smoking without help and support, which resulting in a low success rate. Smoking stimulates the mind and body, and the concentrated dose of nicotine provoke instant flood of dopamine that wash pleasure centers. Inhaling smoke is the quickest, most efficient way to get nicotine to the brain.

Smoking triggers the reward systems in the brain that drive you to seek food, water and sex, brain feels that this has to do with survival. Nicotine is not equally addictive for everyone, but most people who get hooked sooner or later will smoke all day, every day. Nicotine by itself does not cause cancer, heart disease or other major health problems associated with smoking; other chemicals in tobacco smoke are to blame. However, even with the most successful quit smoking and nicotine replacement drugs, only about 30 percent of quit smoking attempts last more than half a year. Compared with quitting smoking cold turkey method, however, that is a huge progress. Less than 10 percents of smokers who trying to quit smoking cold turkey manages to go six months without a cigarette. Most do not make it past a week.

When longtime smokers finally do quit smoking, they soon understand that not smoking does not really make them nonsmokers. Former smokers have to experience again that it is possible to get pleasure from life without cigarettes, although the cravings may never stop completely."
It seems that everything above is somewhat true, but must be served up with different dressing. First, it definitely possible to quit smoking even without help, support and quit smoking or nicotine replacement drugs. There is sufficient quantity of people, who did this. Second, you don't need to crave for cigarettes all your ex-smoker's life, it's nonsense. Third, and most important is that you must shift your brain and set your mind free from depressing smoking routine before you are going to quit smoking. There is no reason smoker need a cigarette, to say the least of it. Every smoker, who is going to respond to quit smoking challenge, should know that there are no excuses for keeping this evil-smelling practice in life, while it is achievable to turn into someone, who is free from nicotine addiction and happy and lucky without cigarettes.