08 May 2009

FreshStart Review

FreshStart Method - Recommended!FreshStart is a three-part combination therapy consisting of online instructions, audio file and breathing exercises. The FreshStart quit smoking method was designed by Matt Godson - clinical hypnotherapist accredited by the American Board of Hypnotherapy. Matt states that his hypnotherapeutic method will literally change your mind and your attitude to smoking, and, finally make you a non-smoker.

Matt says that true hypnosis is a state of absolute relaxation where your mind is open to positive suggestions. FreshStart method is a process and if you are really want to quit smoking FreshStart process will work for you. The FreshStart quit smoking technique has 94% success rate and success rate is so high because it changes your mental attitude toward smoking.

The FreshStart quit smoking method is totally safe online product with immediate access to all information available, so you do not need to see a doctor, buy drugs or nicotine replacement products, or wait for a book or DVD to come in the mail. Main part of Fresh Start is a one-hour audio intended to aid you quit smoking in a single hypnosis session. Also, it is important to perform simple breathing exercise for the next three days, to help out with any cravings.

If you are ready to put your nicotine addition behind you, then Matt Godson's FreshStart Quit Smoking Method may be miraculous aid that will help you to quit. The cost of the method is only $49, which is very reasonable comparing to many other products. If you have already realized that the quitting smoking benefits are available to you today and if you are really want to quit smoking easily, without any cravings, the Fresh Start quit smoking method is highly recommended! Check out FreshStart website right now to get this highly effective quit smoking product.

03 May 2009

Keep Trying

Keep TryingApart from the addiction of the body on chemical substances, a smoking addiction is often related to everyday lifestyle events, which can include thinking deeply, eating, drinking tea, coffee or alcohol, or general socializing. Accordingly, smokers may miss the act of smoking mostly at these times, and this may increase the difficulty inherent in a quitting smoking attempt. Because of a lower dopamine response from nicotine receptors in the brain, a degree of depression may develop, while the smoker feels less able to complete the day-to-day tasks formerly associated with smoking.

A small number of smokers are successful with their very first quit smoking attempt. Many smokers find it difficult to quit, even in the face of serious smoking-related disease in themselves or close relatives or friends. A firm resolution to fight with addiction is vital. The typical attempt of a smoker that finally succeeds is the seventh to fifteenth try. Each attempt is a learning experience that moves them that much closer to their goal of final freedom from smoking addiction.

Smoking cessation is clearly associated with better mental health and spending less of one's life with diseases of old age. Quitting smoking will almost always lead to a longer and healthier life. The studies showed that those who stopped smoking before they reached thirty years of age lived almost as long as those who never smoked. Quitting smoking in middle age can add up to ten years of healthy life and stopping even over fifty can still add years of healthy life.