01 December 2010

Need a Reason to Quit Smoking?

If you think that you should quit smoking to stay healthy and live longer, you are wrong. That is not the reason. What's that? You don't recognize for sure why you are quitting? Most smokers are even don't realize completely why they want to quit smoking. Every smoker has a vague reason or two for quitting. Just because "it's bad for health" or because "my partner wants me to." Does it sound much like really cool motivation?

Also your "friend" (another smoker) can say something like "smoking does not shorten you life and you don't die from it, my dad has been smoking since 15 and is now 72 and still smokes and absolutely healthy!" These types of statements are true ones to a certain extent. Some people are brim over with health and smoking can hurt them much. At the same time the health of vast majority of smokers is suffer from smoking hard.

It's a thousand to one that smoking is not only bad for your health, but can have disastrous effects on your health with the course of time. But that never stopped you from smoking before, did it? As well as the facts that you could save money, smell better, have more energy, etc. Did you give yourself enough distinct reasons for quitting? Why it is hard to quit smoking if there are some reasons to quit? Why not?

The reason that smoking is such a hard routine to change is the fact that nicotine is an addictive substance. Most smokers have found that most reasons are not strong enough to get the job done. It takes a complete overhaul of your mind to understand that you don't need that next cigarette.

Maybe while you are looking for reasons to quit smoking, you'll try to find any to keep doing it? The only reason smokers smoke is their addiction to nicotine. Smokers believe that cigarettes help them to relax or to concentrate. In reality they can't think or do anything while they didn't feed addiction with a cigarette.

Maybe you have failed and become frustrated with the entire process, but the real reason to quit smoking is right here. It's simple and easy to understand and results from addictive nature of nicotine. Millions of smokers quit smoking for good and you can too. Quit smoking and get more time, health and energy to think about something more positive like new job, new house, new car, great relationships, love, children. Everything is possible and everything deserve cogitation. Set yourself free from the addiction, stop messing around with reasons to quit smoking, think about your future and take real steps to make it better.

03 November 2010

Good Day to Quit Smoking

It's an excellent idea to assign a day for quitting smoking and when the time is ripe and you are sure that you are going to quit smoking, you have overcome the biggest barrier, as trying to quit smoking without real desire, is not possible at all. The quit smoking process is not really as difficult as you think; once you've made your mind up to quit smoking, it's just like going on a diet. A little more challenging, as smoking is an addiction and like any other addiction, is very tough to break.

During the first 72 hours of quitting smoking process you will need to drink plenty of water or acidic fruit juice to help move out the alkaloid nicotine buildup in your body and to alter blood sugar levels. One of the best juices is cranberry juice, which will do the job and supply your body with vitamins and nutrients.

Fresh fruit and vegetables are good choice too, along with whole grains, seeds and nuts. You should be able to avoid gaining too much weight if you eat reasonably; weight gain is often related to quit smoking process, this is because not only are you tending to eat more to fight cravings, but also because of increased by smoking metabolic rate you will burn calories quicker, so apparently when you first quit you should try to modify your calorie intake, at least until the metabolism goes back to normal.

The best way to quit smoking is to take it one day at a time; follow an exercise routine, even if it's only walking, and find something to keep you occupied. Keeping a diary or blog is a good idea, as not only does it give your hands something to do, but you can keep an account of your progress; how you felt, how hard the day had been, things you had to drink or eat and how they helped, and so on.

Get something to snack or nibble, supply yourself with plenty of healthy snacks: grapes and cherries are good, or anything small which you can pick at separately, or sticks of celery are ideal, as not only will celery help calm cravings, but the body really burns calories while digesting it! So there's a double bonus in eating celery.

The decision to quit smoking was a challenging, but having done so proves that you have strength of character and willpower, so you should be able to stick to your plan without too much trouble. Trial and error will find the best way to quit smoking for you, but if you find out you need help, then that's OK too. There is always a solution and a real way to quit smoking.

14 September 2010

Smoke Deter Review

Many smokers are already fully aware of the negative effects of smoking on health. But, anyway, any smoker, who has real intention to quit must have a really strong desire to quit, this is absolutely essential. Nothing going to help you if you don't really want to quit smoking, or someone else wants you to.

Homoeopaths believe that natural ingredients are the best approach to aid the body. Smoke Deter spray is made from all natural ingredients, so ex-smoker will not agonize over drowsiness or other harmful side effects. Smoke Deter is absorbed quickly into the blood vessels under the tongue and relieve multiple symptoms safely with no side effects. Homeopathic ingredients are going to combat cravings and withdrawal symptoms fast, so ex-smoker can feel better quickly.

Smoke Deter helps with the many withdrawal symptoms that are associated with quitting smoking like insomnia, irritability, anxiety, nausea, perverted appetite, aches and other pains. Smoke Deter assist with these symptoms and turn quit smoking process into completely realizable task.

Moreover, Smoke Deter offers a lifetime free access to online Stop Smoking Program which helps to deal with the psychological aspect of nicotine addiction. This is very important because no quit smoking aid is going to work by only dealing with the physical addiction only. Stop Smoking Relaxation Audio MP3 Download also included in stop smoking program as an additional free mind programming practice that helps to relax and manage the mental side effects of nicotine withdrawal.

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04 August 2010

Addictive Smoking

When it comes to quitting smoking, there's no magic bullet, and while many alternative methods are available - from acupuncture to self-hypnosis - they're surely no panacea, and for every nicotine addict they help, they may leave another one unsatisfied and feeling a slow burn at the end of the day while they light up their next cigarette.

Are you a frustrated smoker? As you know, smoking can destroy your health and body. Why it's hard to quit this dangerous vice? It is because smoking is addictive. That's why smokers still risk their health, their families, careers and their entire life for smoking.

If you want to destroy this addiction, try to use some healthy methods to reduce cravings across your daily routine. If the urge to smoke arises, get up and take ten minutes for walking up and down the hall, up and down the stairs, or to another part of the building. Walk quickly and breathe the fresh air deeply into your lungs. When you return, the urge to smoke will likely have subsided and your lungs will feel clean from the refreshing walk and deep breathing.

When you feel the urge to smoke, try to close your eyes and focus on deep breathing. Breathe fresh air untainted by cigarette smoke and focus on the cleanliness of the air around you until the urge to smoking decreases. Congratulate yourself on resisting the urge to smoking a cigarette.

When you feel like you are going to smoke, reach for the phone and call a good friend. Let him know you're in the process of quitting smoking and you're assured that you can do it. Talk until the urge to smoke lessens. Congratulate yourself on finding an alternative to addictive smoking routine.

Each day that you run through these healthy alternatives to your addiction, you make process of your smoking cessation easier. It's important that you replace your smoking routine with new activities that will help you handle stress and anxiety. Exercises, meditation, yoga, any new healthy activity, all of these can help to quit smoking successfully. Try some of these healthy alternatives to smoking and get your health and self-assurance new advantageous boost.

05 July 2010

Personal Quitting Smoking Stories' Quotations

These quotations are truly frank and inspiring:

"I only started yesterday, and tried to go cold turkey. I ended up bursting into tears and not being able to pull myself out of it, so I had one cigarette yesterday. Today is a new day though and I am going to do my best not to smoke."

"A case of bronchitis had a powerful grip on me. So severe it was I could not breathe lying down. Yet as painful as it was to inhale, as weak and miserable as I felt, was still smoking, which drove home in a powerful horrible and painful way that I was absolutely a nicotine addict." "As this journey unfolded, I discovered that quitting was much more than breaking a physical addiction - that we transformed ourselves from enslaved cigarette abusers to free and empowered non-smokers."

"My elderly Mom had been wanting me to quit smoking for years. One day she brought it up and I told her I would quit if she would make a tape recording of her singing. She is an awesome singer but has no confidence to share her voice openly. I never thought she would do it, but the very next day she presented me with a tape! I had to live up to my promise; I quit cold turkey within the month."

"The older I get, the more I realize that the novelty of smoking is gone and it is only going to kill me. I knew that this time would come and I would have to ultimately quit. So I decided to quit and this time it is do or die...there is no turning back. I am quitting cold turkey because I realized that the recent attempts to quit using nicotine replacement therapy only prolonged my physical addiction. I knew I would experience pain, but I realized that I had to feel it to remind me what it was doing to me and my body."

"I woke up one night and just thought what am I doing to myself??? It was that simple! Do I want to be dead before my nine year old beautiful daughter? NO!! She is always asking me to quit! She deserves better than I can offer."

"I had pneumonia this past fall and was told I have beginning signs of COPD. I had a terrible wheeze. Now, after just two weeks of not smoking, the wheeze is gone - even my doctor didn't hear it. I want to be around to see my three small grandchildren grow. I will not let cigarettes take that away from me." "You know...I did everything I had to when I was smoking to make sure I had time to feed my addiction. Today I want to do everything I can to be free of it."

27 May 2010

Quit Smoking Jokes

In a School science class four worms were placed into four separate jars. The first worm was put into a jar of alcohol. The second worm was put into a jar of cigarette smoke. The third worm was put into a jar of sperm. The fourth worm was put into a jar of soil. After one day, these were the results: The first worm in alcohol — dead. The second worm in cigarette smoke — dead. The third worm in sperm — dead. The fourth worm in soil — alive. So the science teacher asked the class — "What can you learn from this experiment." Little Tommy quickly raised his hand and said. "As long as you drink, smoke and have sex, you won’t have worms."

You know, you don’t actually smoke. The cigarette does all the smoking, you are just the sucker!

I would quit, but no one likes a quitter.

Nicotine addiction is like an itch. If you itch, it’s nice to scratch it. But better to have no itch at all.

What did the big chimney say to the little chimney? You’re too small to smoke!

What should you do if you girlfriend starts smoking? Slow down and use a lubricant.

If I stop smoking, will I live longer? Nope. Smoking is a sign of individual statement and peace of mind. If you stop, you’ll probably stress yourself to death in record time. :)

Three desperately ill men met with their doctor one day to discuss their options. One was an alcoholic, one was a chain smoker, and one was a homosexual. The doctor, addressing all three of them, said, "If any of you indulge in your vices one more time, you will surely die." The men left the doctor’s office, each convinced that he would never again indulge himself in his vice. While walking toward the subway for their return trip to the suburbs, they passed a bar. The alcoholic, hearing the loud music and smelling the ale, could not stop himself. His buddies accompanied him into the bar, where he had a shot of whiskey. No sooner had he replaced the shot glass on the bar, he fell off his stool, stone cold dead. His companions, somewhat shaken, left the bar, realizing how seriously they must take the doctor’s words. As they walked along, they came upon a cigarette butt lying on the ground, still burning. The homosexual looked at the chain smoker and said, "If you bend over to pick that up, we’re both dead."

Three little boys were sitting on the porch, when one little boy says, "My Daddy smokes, and he can blow smoke rings." The second little boy pipes up, "Well, my Dad smokes, too, and can blow smoke out of his eyes." The third little boy, not to be outdone responds, "My Dad can blow smoke out of his butt." "Really, have you seen it?" reply the boys. The third boy responds, "No, but I’ve seen the tobacco stains on his underwear..."

16 April 2010

Tips For Quitting Smoking Cold Turkey

Tips For Quitting Smoking Cold TurkeyRead the previous post 'What You Can Get After Quitting Smoking' to understand quitting smoking benefits. To successfully quit smoking you do need motivation and the best motivation is understanding that cigarettes are not your best friends, they can not help you to concentrate, to feel balanced, or to relax, instead every cigarette is just set you free for a very limited time from your nicotine addiction. You should know assuredly that you do need this no more. Also, remember that these best friends are killing thousand of people every year and you can become the next if you are not going to quit smoking.

Cold turkey is most popular way to quitting smoking. Statistics have shown that those who set a quit date and then quit smoking cold turkey have a much better success rate than those who try to cut down on cigarettes gradually. When quitting smoking cold turkey, it is imperative to find as much information as you can get. All these quitting smoking tips look like simple and sometimes even silly, but they really can help to change your mind and assist you to struggle against cravings.

- Before your quit date, lessen your cigarette use, including cutting the number and strength of the cigarettes.
- Write down your personal reasons to quit smoking. Different people have dissimilar reasons for quitting, so you should list your own ones.
- Tell your family, friend, and coworkers that you have quitted to get support and watchful attitude to you. Calling a friend when you feel like smoking is alternative idea that can help while you are quitting smoking cold turkey.
- Get rid of cigarettes, remove ashtrays and cigarettes from your car, try to avoid circumstances you previously used to justify your smoking. Try to escape from stress situations before they becoming worse.
- Remember that there is no such thing as 'just one'. If you are going to get one, you almost certainly are going to return to your previous nicotine consumption routine.
- To help your body you can try to drink a lot of water and herbal teas. Whenever you feel the craving or stress take a walk or do some breath exercises.

Remember that quitting smoking is not a heroic deed, it's just your returning to normal life. And even if you successfully quitted your nicotine addiction is still here waiting for you to feel nostalgic for cigarettes while you have cup of coffee or some beer. Anyway if you managed to quit smoking feel some pride for this period of your life and use your positive experience to score a success in other parts of your life...

11 March 2010

What You Can Get After Quitting Smoking

What You Can Get After Quitting SmokingWhite Teeth and Healthy Gum
Smoking causes yellowing of the teeth and offensive breath. Also, smoking multiplies the risk of oral cancer and gum disease, as it constricts blood flow to the gums. In fact, some gum experts feel it is not worth providing advanced treatment for gum disease in smokers, as there is very little chance of improvement. In addition, most tooth loss in adults is connected to smoking.

Strong Bones
Smoking harms your bones. Smoking has been recognized as one of the key reasons cause for osteogenesis imperfecta a medical term for brittle bones. Smoking makes bones weaker as you get older. Nicotine has an effect on the calcium content in your bones an essential part of the functioning and strengthening of bones. Smoking one pack a day for more than ten years can cause a 10 percent loss of bone support.

Your Own Legs
Smokers have a 16 times greater chance of developing peripheral vascular disease - blocked blood vessels in the legs or feet, than persons who have never smoked. Smokers who ignore the warning of early symptoms and continue to smoke are more likely to develop gangrene of a leg.

Healthy Heart
Most people associate smoking with lung cancer. However, smoking is also a major cause of cardiovascular heart vessel disease. Smoking is starving your heart one of the main things it needs to function - oxygen. Smoking is responsible for around one in five of all heart disease deaths and nearly half of all smokers who die from smoking do so due to heart and blood vessel disease. Your risk of a heart attack reduces within days as soon as you quit smoking, but only after years of successful quitting smoking attempt your risk of heart disease is reduced to that of people who have never smoked. Quitting smoking also reduces your risk of high blood pressure.

Smoke Free Environment
Passive smoking and exposure to secondhand smoke is a serious health hazard for adults and especially dangerous for children and babies. People and children who inhale smoke from others are at greater risk of becoming sick. Respiratory infections are more common among children exposed to secondhand smoke. Exposure to secondhand smoke is and may cause low birth weight, sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma and middle ear infections.

Improved Sense of Taste and Smell
Smoking causes damage to the nasal membranes and reduces their ability to recognize aromas. Smoking causes long-term damage to the sense of smell, but the senses of taste and smell are closely linked to one another, so smoking causes lasting harm to both. If you quit smoking, you will notice some improvement, but unfortunately, the smell function improves very slowly.

The financial costs of smoking are extended far beyond the cost of a pack of cigarettes. Smokers pay more for insurance. Smokers lose money on the resale value of their cars and homes. Smokers spend more on dry cleaning and teeth cleaning. Smoking is expensive and for that money, you are getting nothing except yellow teeth, bad breath, smelly clothes and an addiction that is going to kill you. So, money is just another incentive to quit smoking for good.

27 January 2010

Nothing to Lose

Nothing to Lose - Make Love Not War - Love - Quit SmokingWhy the posts like the last one are useless? Why the Quit Smoking Pro blog is total BS? The answer is simple and easy to understand. There are no benefits from talking about nicotine addiction and health aspects of this deadly way to lethal outcome. Smokers think that smoking helps them to get over the difficulties of this whole toiling life and even hard diseases cannot prove them they are wrong and break their illusions.

So where is the key to success in quitting smoking and even key to positive life experience? The answer is here: love. Love is the only thing that deserves consideration. Make love not war. John Lennon and his slogan are still actual nowadays. So, here it is. Imagine yourself surrounded with your kids and even grandchildren and visualize yourself happy and healthy person. There is no place for smoke or fags in this dream.

Every smoker should try to understand that smoking and cigarettes never help him to focus or to relax. Every cigarette just set smoker free for half an hour or less from his nicotine addiction. Set yourself free for life. It's easy – just remember that you do not need smoking. You are not interested in smoking. Instead, think about yours beloveds and yours good self. Think about love.
Nothing to Lose - Love Quit Smoking Pro Blog