05 July 2010

Personal Quitting Smoking Stories' Quotations

These quotations are truly frank and inspiring:

"I only started yesterday, and tried to go cold turkey. I ended up bursting into tears and not being able to pull myself out of it, so I had one cigarette yesterday. Today is a new day though and I am going to do my best not to smoke."

"A case of bronchitis had a powerful grip on me. So severe it was I could not breathe lying down. Yet as painful as it was to inhale, as weak and miserable as I felt, was still smoking, which drove home in a powerful horrible and painful way that I was absolutely a nicotine addict." "As this journey unfolded, I discovered that quitting was much more than breaking a physical addiction - that we transformed ourselves from enslaved cigarette abusers to free and empowered non-smokers."

"My elderly Mom had been wanting me to quit smoking for years. One day she brought it up and I told her I would quit if she would make a tape recording of her singing. She is an awesome singer but has no confidence to share her voice openly. I never thought she would do it, but the very next day she presented me with a tape! I had to live up to my promise; I quit cold turkey within the month."

"The older I get, the more I realize that the novelty of smoking is gone and it is only going to kill me. I knew that this time would come and I would have to ultimately quit. So I decided to quit and this time it is do or die...there is no turning back. I am quitting cold turkey because I realized that the recent attempts to quit using nicotine replacement therapy only prolonged my physical addiction. I knew I would experience pain, but I realized that I had to feel it to remind me what it was doing to me and my body."

"I woke up one night and just thought what am I doing to myself??? It was that simple! Do I want to be dead before my nine year old beautiful daughter? NO!! She is always asking me to quit! She deserves better than I can offer."

"I had pneumonia this past fall and was told I have beginning signs of COPD. I had a terrible wheeze. Now, after just two weeks of not smoking, the wheeze is gone - even my doctor didn't hear it. I want to be around to see my three small grandchildren grow. I will not let cigarettes take that away from me." "You know...I did everything I had to when I was smoking to make sure I had time to feed my addiction. Today I want to do everything I can to be free of it."