27 January 2010

Nothing to Lose

Nothing to Lose - Make Love Not War - Love - Quit SmokingWhy the posts like the last one are useless? Why the Quit Smoking Pro blog is total BS? The answer is simple and easy to understand. There are no benefits from talking about nicotine addiction and health aspects of this deadly way to lethal outcome. Smokers think that smoking helps them to get over the difficulties of this whole toiling life and even hard diseases cannot prove them they are wrong and break their illusions.

So where is the key to success in quitting smoking and even key to positive life experience? The answer is here: love. Love is the only thing that deserves consideration. Make love not war. John Lennon and his slogan are still actual nowadays. So, here it is. Imagine yourself surrounded with your kids and even grandchildren and visualize yourself happy and healthy person. There is no place for smoke or fags in this dream.

Every smoker should try to understand that smoking and cigarettes never help him to focus or to relax. Every cigarette just set smoker free for half an hour or less from his nicotine addiction. Set yourself free for life. It's easy – just remember that you do not need smoking. You are not interested in smoking. Instead, think about yours beloveds and yours good self. Think about love.
Nothing to Lose - Love Quit Smoking Pro Blog