16 April 2010

Tips For Quitting Smoking Cold Turkey

Tips For Quitting Smoking Cold TurkeyRead the previous post 'What You Can Get After Quitting Smoking' to understand quitting smoking benefits. To successfully quit smoking you do need motivation and the best motivation is understanding that cigarettes are not your best friends, they can not help you to concentrate, to feel balanced, or to relax, instead every cigarette is just set you free for a very limited time from your nicotine addiction. You should know assuredly that you do need this no more. Also, remember that these best friends are killing thousand of people every year and you can become the next if you are not going to quit smoking.

Cold turkey is most popular way to quitting smoking. Statistics have shown that those who set a quit date and then quit smoking cold turkey have a much better success rate than those who try to cut down on cigarettes gradually. When quitting smoking cold turkey, it is imperative to find as much information as you can get. All these quitting smoking tips look like simple and sometimes even silly, but they really can help to change your mind and assist you to struggle against cravings.

- Before your quit date, lessen your cigarette use, including cutting the number and strength of the cigarettes.
- Write down your personal reasons to quit smoking. Different people have dissimilar reasons for quitting, so you should list your own ones.
- Tell your family, friend, and coworkers that you have quitted to get support and watchful attitude to you. Calling a friend when you feel like smoking is alternative idea that can help while you are quitting smoking cold turkey.
- Get rid of cigarettes, remove ashtrays and cigarettes from your car, try to avoid circumstances you previously used to justify your smoking. Try to escape from stress situations before they becoming worse.
- Remember that there is no such thing as 'just one'. If you are going to get one, you almost certainly are going to return to your previous nicotine consumption routine.
- To help your body you can try to drink a lot of water and herbal teas. Whenever you feel the craving or stress take a walk or do some breath exercises.

Remember that quitting smoking is not a heroic deed, it's just your returning to normal life. And even if you successfully quitted your nicotine addiction is still here waiting for you to feel nostalgic for cigarettes while you have cup of coffee or some beer. Anyway if you managed to quit smoking feel some pride for this period of your life and use your positive experience to score a success in other parts of your life...