01 December 2010

Need a Reason to Quit Smoking?

If you think that you should quit smoking to stay healthy and live longer, you are wrong. That is not the reason. What's that? You don't recognize for sure why you are quitting? Most smokers are even don't realize completely why they want to quit smoking. Every smoker has a vague reason or two for quitting. Just because "it's bad for health" or because "my partner wants me to." Does it sound much like really cool motivation?

Also your "friend" (another smoker) can say something like "smoking does not shorten you life and you don't die from it, my dad has been smoking since 15 and is now 72 and still smokes and absolutely healthy!" These types of statements are true ones to a certain extent. Some people are brim over with health and smoking can hurt them much. At the same time the health of vast majority of smokers is suffer from smoking hard.

It's a thousand to one that smoking is not only bad for your health, but can have disastrous effects on your health with the course of time. But that never stopped you from smoking before, did it? As well as the facts that you could save money, smell better, have more energy, etc. Did you give yourself enough distinct reasons for quitting? Why it is hard to quit smoking if there are some reasons to quit? Why not?

The reason that smoking is such a hard routine to change is the fact that nicotine is an addictive substance. Most smokers have found that most reasons are not strong enough to get the job done. It takes a complete overhaul of your mind to understand that you don't need that next cigarette.

Maybe while you are looking for reasons to quit smoking, you'll try to find any to keep doing it? The only reason smokers smoke is their addiction to nicotine. Smokers believe that cigarettes help them to relax or to concentrate. In reality they can't think or do anything while they didn't feed addiction with a cigarette.

Maybe you have failed and become frustrated with the entire process, but the real reason to quit smoking is right here. It's simple and easy to understand and results from addictive nature of nicotine. Millions of smokers quit smoking for good and you can too. Quit smoking and get more time, health and energy to think about something more positive like new job, new house, new car, great relationships, love, children. Everything is possible and everything deserve cogitation. Set yourself free from the addiction, stop messing around with reasons to quit smoking, think about your future and take real steps to make it better.