18 January 2011

Cigarette Smoke Acts as Immediate Inducer and Promouter of Cancer

Smokers console themselves with the postulate that years needed for lung cancer to acquire in a smoker’s body. The reality however is quite different and a recent study demonstrated that the effects of smoking on human body take place only minutes after the chemical substances inside cigarette arrive in the blood. Smoking is known to have fatal effects, but the results of this study are frightening and scary warning sign on smokers and those who are going to start smoking.

In a new study funded by the National Cancer Institute on the effects of inhaling cigarette smoke, scientists verify that genetic damage linked to cancer becomes obvious within minutes of lighting up. Researchers say, smokers are essentially injecting the substances directly into the bloodstream when they take their first few puffs, and one particular type of pollutant, called phenanthrene, that's found in cigarette smoke takes just 15 to 30 minutes to form a substance that is able to sport mutations that can cause cancer.

Researchers checked the levels of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in patients right after they have had a cigarette. The results were quite horrible as they discover that the polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons combined with cigarette smoke turned into chemicals damaging the body in just 30 minutes. So, the lung cancer does not begin after years and years of smoking, but only after minutes from finishing the cigarette. This is indeed a scary fact. Cancer makes millions of victims year after year, so it is strongly recommended to quit smoking in order to prevent it.