17 February 2011

The Art of Appearing to be a Quitter

If you're on this site, chances are that you're having some trouble with giving up smoking. If quitting is what you're aiming to do, there are plenty of other articles on this blog that can help you tackle that issue. The purpose of the following is to explore some easy ways that you can utilize to at least make it look like you quit smoking. Say you have a girl/boyfriend that you promised you'd quit smoking to, or you work in a customer service environment… or maybe the smell of tobacco on your clothes just serves as a constant reminder of your own inability to quit. Whatever your reason may be, here are a few methods I've picked up over the years to appear like you aren't a smoker.

The most obvious indication that someone is a smoker is that lingering scent. Although washing your clothes would be the best way to nullify that sticky stench, chances are you're not going to have enough time to do a wash if you find yourself in a situation where you might need to be less than straightforward about your smoking habits.

A great precaution that I've found to come in handy is to wear a sweatshirt or a zippable jacket while you smoke. Since even the strongest colognes can do nothing more than mask the scent, it'd be smarter to avoid getting it on your shirt in the first place by taking this step. Similarly, it wouldn't hurt to wear a beanie or at least frequently wash your hair. The greasier that mop on top of your head is, the easier it will be for the tobacco particles to bind to your hair.

Even though your hair and shirt may be covered, there's still enough surface area on your hands and neck to blow your cover. Putting on a scented lotion will allow some of the tobacco particulates to bind to the cream, stopping them from floating out into the air and into everyone else's faces. Hand sanitizer also works in this regard, as well as keeping your nails trimmed short. Believe it or not, particulates can build up under your finger nails giving them that yellowish hue. Even though the chances of this blowing your cover are pretty slim, it's still probably a good idea to avoid this anyway.

Lastly, you definitely would want to invest in some teeth whitening products. There's nothing like telling your girlfriend or boyfriend "if you really think I'm still smoking, don't you think my teeth would be stained?" Peroxide based teeth whitening products are relatively cheap, and even if you do actually manage to quit smoking, it's still nice to keep up with it regularly. Just be sure to do it six months apart or you'll risk degrading your tooth enamel, opening you up to a whole new world of cavities.