08 June 2011

The Benefits of Smoking

The first daring idea was to make this post totally blank as the Allen Carr did in his book, but then I decide to add some thoughts. The main one I've mentioned many times before is that if you believe that smoking helps you to relax or concentrate or both, you probably will have hard times while trying to quit smoking. Learn more about nicotine addiction to understand why are you craving for the next cigarette and why you feel more 'balanced' after it. It's very simple - just because your addiction is satisfied. If you are going to lose your illusions about smoking value - you will get more chances to quit smoking for good and stay clean forever.

Smoking is a dangerous and deadly addiction, but smokers come up with thousands of reasons not to quit. Moreover, nicotine is a stimulant, but most of smokers believe that it's like a magic drug that helps a lot with anxiety, depression and really helps them to deal with the stress. Numerous documented negative health effects of smoking can't help smokers to quit while they believe that there are some advantages of smoking. So, here is my simple advice - find out that there are no real advantages of smoking cigarettes, change your mind and quit smoking easily.