28 July 2011

Smoking and Drug Addiction Recovery

Smoking and Drug Addiction RecoveryVisit any drug rehabilitation center and you are sure to find that many recovering drug addicts are heavy smokers. It is often accepted and even encouraged that recovering addicts should focus on one addiction at a time and refrain from quitting nicotine and illicit substances simultaneously.

The answer however, is not always that simple. Many recovering drug addicts find that quitting smoking during early recovery leads to increased energy levels and better health ­ which only strengths their overall recovery from substance dependency. Other, however, find the experience to be extremely difficult and stressful ­ even leading them to experience cravings for drugs and alcohol ­ the more destructive and dangerous addiction.

Individuals in early recovery should be given options and not be blindly commanded to keep smoking. Some centers, such as this drug rehab in San Francisco, even offer nicotine cessation programs within their facility. If you are in early recovery and wish to quit smoking, we encourage you to look into all of your options before making a decision.