04 May 2011

Simulated Tobacco Smoking

In the last decade, simulated tobacco smoking has become possible thanks to electronic cigarettes, which have gained substantial momentum among many smokers, as well as a lot of popularity among the media. The reason for this is that they offer both potential and heavy smokers alike an alternative to conventional cigarettes that is far healthier, while at the same time providing users with varied options when it comes to choosing their cigarettes' flavor and style.

Another important aspect of electronic cigarettes that many people seem to underestimate, is how advanced a mechanism they sport despite their size, and which makes smoking electronic cigarettes an extremely effective simulated tobacco smoking experience.

Let's take a better look at how this simulated tobacco smoking experience is achieved by learning more about electronic cigarettes.

What are electronic cigarettes?
In essence, electronic cigarettes are electronic devices that resemble the look of conventional cigarettes in almost every aspect, like size, weight and color, while also emulating their flavor and the sensation of smoking.

This attention to detail in most modern electronic cigarettes is evident, with almost every model available on the market sporting features like smoke or the lighting of the tip of the electronic cigarette that look extremely real. All of these, even while not being entirely necessary on paper, make smoking electronic cigarettes an experience almost as authentic as the "real thing".

How does an electronic cigarette work?
The mechanism inside electronic cigarettes is composed of a mouthpiece, a flavor cartridge, an atomizing chamber, an electric circuit and a battery, and each of these elements is extremely important for providing a satisfying simulated tobacco smoking experience.

A durable battery for example, is essential in providing a long-lasting smoking experience. Batteries also contain a special mechanism that makes the tip of the electronic cigarette light up whenever the smoker inhales. Cartridges contain a mouthpiece and a nicotine solution, which come in different flavors and which make electronic cigarettes highly customizable.

In order to activate the mechanism, all the smoker needs to do is just to inhale. This activates a series of mechanisms, lighting up the tip of the electronic cigarette and emitting a smoke-like vapor, as well as igniting the atomizer, which burns the nicotine solution. It is precisely this nicotine solution what is inhaled by the smoker once it is burned, since it turns into a flavored mist that provides the smoker with a simulated tobacco smoking experience that feels just like a traditional cigarette, but without the risks posed by tobacco.

For the smoker, the entire electronic cigarette smoking experience is seamless, and all that is left to him or her is to just replace the cartridges and to recharge the battery when needed.

There are also disposable electronic cigarettes in the market as well, and users have also the option of choosing among varying intensities and different levels of nicotine content. As electronic cigarettes become more and more popular, more buzz is created online and electronic cigarette information is easier to find. There are also many forums dedicated to smoking electronic cigarettes, or 'vaping'.