06 June 2012

Still Undecided?

Reasons to Switch to Ecigarettes

Changing any habit is hard. We're humans, and humans seem to thrive on habits, even bad habits. If you want to save money, you have to make a habit of always putting a little bit of money into the savings account. If you want to lose weight, you have to make it a habit of taking the stairs and eating smaller meals. And if you have a bad habit that is combined with an addictive substance, making that change is an even bigger challenge. But there are so many benefits of smoking electronic cigarettes that they really are worth a try.

Switching for Your Wallet
Let's talk about the money. Smoking is expensive. Want to save a little money? Quit smoking. Of course, that's easier said than done. You're addicted to nicotine, after all, and you probably have a psychological addiction to going out for little breaks. Smoking is a small ritual for most smokers, and fighting the urge to go out for a cigarette is harder than getting over the nicotine addiction.

Which is why people can switch to ecigarettes. Smokers say that one of the major benefits of smoking electronic cigarettes is that you get to stop and take that little break. You still inhale, the inhalation is warm and comforting, and you get that hit of nicotine you crave. And all-in-all, ecigs are cheaper over time. You'll still be satisfied, but you'll also be spending less money on your bad habit.

Never Smell Like a Smoker Again
Smokers don't smell good. Kissing a smoker is like kissing a stale ashtray. Smokers breath actually smells like decay. Your hair, your clothing, your sheets, your home, and your car probably all smell a bit like smoke. You may not notice, because smokers also can't smell as well as non-smokers, but anyone who doesn't smoke will be able to tell right away.

One of the reasons that many people say helped them to make the switch is that they can smoke ecigarettes without smelling like smoke. The people around them don't have to inhale cigarette smoke and they feel like they aren't always making things smell bad. Of the benefits of smoking electronic cigarettes that people know about, this one may seem superficial – but the difference ecigs make is staggering.

You will regain your sense of smell and you will also regain your sense of taste. You probably don't realize that your senses are dulled by smoking, but when you switch to electronic cigarettes you will start to realize what you've been missing.

You Won't Miss Tobacco
Most smokers are afraid that ecigarettes will simply feel like a poor substitute for the real thing. Don't worry, you will not miss tobacco. Many ecigarette smokers will tell you that they now prefer ecigs over tobacco and that the smell of cigarettes is no longer tempting. They enjoy the fact that they can breath easily, that they don't smell awful, that they can taste and smell the world again, and that they have more energy.